How Do AURELIS Sessions Work? (Animated Video)

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Here you can access an animated video about how to start and do an AURELIS session – 4:40′. (same version without moving hand)

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Here is the full written text.

Hi, as part of the AURELIS project, there are more than 1000 meditative sessions in AurelisOnLine that you can access on the AURELIS website

To go to these sessions, on the website, you go to the main menu. Here, as indicated, you click … and then you click, … and there you are… Choose a domain … then choose a session, and start it. Most sessions take around 15 minutes. You can select the default settings like this … or tweak them as you like.

And that’s it? It works? Well, not exactly. Simply listening to a session is not supposed to do the job for you. Your job is simple yet not straightforward. In the end, it’s your growth. YOU work.

Resources are available to help you in this. Together with the sessions themselves, you can find more resources … here. It’s interesting to look at the manual, as indicated here. This manual is mainly about the proper mindset for doing a session.

Note that AURELIS is not at all like a medication. As said, with AURELIS, you are the only active ingredient. The action comes FROM you. It is not done TO you. There’s a big difference. Please, don’t use AURELIS like a medication. It won’t work.

So, how does it work? Or better, how does it let you work? Simply put, it is by listening to you, respecting you, and supporting you. Or better, by letting you do all this, from inside out.

This way, it is about your Inner Strength. Every detail in AURELIS accords to five ethical principles that one can summarize as openness, freedom, respect, depth, and trustworthiness. You can count on this, and you are counted upon to follow this. Managing yourself this way is a serious matter. That doesn’t mean it’s hard and heavy, but it’s meaningful, and can be deeply helpful.

AURELIS sessions can show you doors towards yourself, open them, and invite you. There it ends. It’s up to you to see the open doors, to notice the invitations, and act. That may take some time. There may be many doors. This is OK. Please don’t force it. Each time again, you can learn something, and then it will come at your pace and when you’re ready. All a session can do is help you to become ready.

I wish you many interesting and fruitful experiences.

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