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This is a beta version. We waver all responsibilities for using Lisa now and always. See your human healthcare provider for all your healthcare needs.

Click here to start a coaching session with Lisa.

If you are looking for an AURELIS-view about any other mind-related topic, please ask Wiki-Lisa. For any information about the project, please ask Pitching Lisa. If you are looking for an AurelisOnLine session of guided meditation, please ask Lisa through this link.

Please send any feedback you have to

Lisa can coach you in several domains.

Please stick to one per session. To talk to Lisa focused on a specific domain, you can just ask Lisa. These are the specific domains:

  • burnout prevention
  • getting slim
  • chronic pain relief
  • executive coaching
  • opioid addiction relief
  • depression relief
  • stressional intelligence
  • quitting smoking

Alternatively, Lisa detects the topic and asks you if it’s OK to switch. However, it’s not most recommendable. Renew the session if you want to talk about another issue.

To ask coach Lisa for more information about mental aspects regarding any of these domains, use the prefix below. To get an even more AURELIS-inspired answer, you may specifically ask it to Lisa:

  • Lisa-info:

How to use Lisa

  • This proof of Concept is kept to 15 minutes. Lisa notifies you when it’s time to wrap up.
  • Please use short communications and try to convey only one idea per answer.
  • Please be polite to Lisa at any time. Lisa will be very polite to you.
  • Lisa will follow some order in this ‘proof of concept’ for the sake of giving an idea of possibilities. However, you can just go on as you like.
  • If you find something a good insight, please state so. Lisa will put it on the G.I.M.O. (list of goals, insights, motivations, and obstructions). You can always ask what’s on the G.I.M.O. at that moment.
  • When you state that you want to end, Lisa gives you the G.I.M.O.
  • Your data are not automatically kept at the end of each session. You can copy the session to your laptop if you like and just upload it next time. Lisa will detect this and proceed accordingly.
  • Don’t try to answer immediately. Lisa keeps waiting for you. When you talk, keep talking till the end of your answer. When you stop talking, Lisa (in this POC) will think you finished your answer.
  • Note that this is still very much ‘beta.’ Lisa will soon be able to provide better coaching, guide toward and about AurelisOnLine session, etc.

Here’s a repository of some nice examples of Lisa interactions (scrollable on laptop or download:

We will try to keep this a free service to anyone who cannot pay, but it costs us money anyway. If you like it, please donate here. Or you might become a friend of Lisa.

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