G.I.M.O.: AURELIS Action Planning

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G.I.M.O. – Goals, Insights, Motivations, Obstacles – is an AURELIS tool to be used within every single coaching event. It is also the formalization of AURELIS action planning in general, in this specific sequence.

Please also read [see: ” G.I.M.O.“].

Quite dynamic

This is why I call it ‘action planning’ instead of ‘action plan’.

In this blog, you find an outline of the ‘why’ of such formalization. This can be used for the complete AURELIS project and for any subproject. For instance, any coaching can be seen as a tiny subproject.


One can conceptually write down (in a list of bullets) the goals. Are they the real goals, the ‘deeper goals’? These may be quite different. Still, without properly knowing one’s real goals, lots of effort may be wasted. Efficiency tumbles. Thus, it is needed to know ‘real goals’, resisting the idea that these are already known and that thinking further would be a waste of time.

People generally like the idea of being conceptually in control. To ‘know’ the goal is stress diminishing. That is a main reason for people to stick to one even before giving it enough thought, then to quickly change to another goal if the first one doesn’t fulfill its promise.

Finding your deeper goals provides better and more consistent direction. The less changes of goals in the course of time, the less is the risk that huge efforts may get lost. Additionally, a truly deeper goal contains more power of attraction even if it’s not clear how this power may exactly be generated. It does so ‘as if by itself’.


Having one’s goals more or less clarified, other insights are almost always worthwhile. This of course should not lead to ‘analysis paralysis’.

It’s interesting to strive for insights, to work with them, to write them down, to cherish them, to look for constructive feedback, in short: to see insights by themselves as valuable assets.

In general, this is being done way too little. Insights are not really tangible, so appropriately validating them is not always evident. Additionally, much depends on their quality, as a matter of fact.


Even with well clarified goals and insights, little moves without proper motivation. Motivation = fuel. Even while having one’s truly inner goals clearly in mind may be very motivating by itself, giving more attention to motivation in different aspects is almost certainly worthwhile.

It’s not only valuable to clearly know them, but to also ‘live’ them. Real motivation comes from deep inside. Without it, there is a risk of presenteeism, absenteeism, burnout etc. The reverse of this is of course a state of flow, with lots of inspiration, working together, going for it.


As anything else, these may be hidden. With some thought, important obstacles may be found out before they wreak havoc. Additionally, an obstacle may hide a deep motivation. For instance, a fear of success may hide a very deep longing for success and a fear of not attaining it in the end.

A global AURELIS G.I.M.O.

G.: validating and bringing into practice a synthesis of rationality and depth. This, in an ethical way, comprises openness, respect, freedom, depth and trustworthiness. [see also: ‘Five Aurelian Values’]

I.: mind and body are two ways of looking at the same wholeness of human being. Thus, ‘mind’ directly influences ‘body’ (because mind = body). In addition, we are not consciously aware of much inside ‘mind’ that is of deepest importance to us.

M.: millions of people can be helped in this direction. Their suffering can be relieved. Their human potential can be optimized. They can lead better lives with much reduced cost to society.

O.: Present-day culture – worldwide – is just starting to get ready for this (r)evolution. Much is at stake even while many people are not yet aware of it.

This G.I.M.O came to me without giving it much thought at the moment. Of course, I’m thinking about this already quite a number of years.

Are you touched by this G.I.M.O.? Please let us know.

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