Ten Tips for Good Diplomacy

–Here is a list of ten tips. You can click on each for more and some examples. Listen Actively: Prioritize Listening Over Speaking. 1 Show Respect: Always Maintain Respect for the Other Party, Regardless of Differences. 3 Listen Actively: Prioritize Listening Over Speaking Active listening is a cornerstone of effective diplomacy. It involves more than Read the full article…

Natural Kind Concepts

“To say that a kind is natural is to say that it corresponds to a grouping that reflects the structure of the natural world rather than the interests and actions of human beings.” (*) ‘Rather than’ already denotes the relative nature that pervades the whole domain. Please read The meaning of a word. This is Read the full article…

Backup of Wiki Lisa

Here comes your possibility to interact with Wiki-Lisa, asking about any mind-related subjects in the vein of the AURELIS blog-wiki. Enjoy! Ask Wiki Lisa Hey! How can I assist you today?

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