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AURELIS supports organisations, leaders and employees in achieving a meaningful and healthy (work-)life. Our goal for you is doing good while doing well in a win-win for all stakeholders.

We provide a mental fitness program for body and mind with the aim to boost engagement and drive and to minimise absenteeism in your organisation.

We offer a coherent approach to help your organisation regarding Leadership, Burnout, Stress, Quit Smoking and more. This approach includes:

  • access to interesting and useful content
  • online practical Read & Do exercises
  • access to AurelisOnLine that provides more than 1000 online guided meditation exercises (5-20 min each) from relaxation to very specific health, wellness and business related topics
  • coaching by certified AURELIS coaches
  • in-house Workshops and Lectures.

AURELIS content and services originate in state-of-the-art neurocognitive science. In the combination of our products and services, we can work out a consistent and optimal path for you.

We look forward to joining you on your challenging journey. Please feel free to contact us for more information.



Open Leadership

... accompanies you towards inner growth - applying principles from neurocognitive science - learning to deeply and respectfully manage yourself and then also to manage others this way. AURELIS is a direct infuse of this possibility to grow and let grow.

Your Open Leadership thus becomes the most important asset of the organization. The future of leadership is Open. The competitive advantage is clear.

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... is a profound tension between what you want (or have to do) and what you can (or may). AURELIS supports leaders and employees to manage this tension in a good way, turning negative stress into positive motivation.

In your organization, stress is no longer this ‘thing to fight against.’ Its underlying energy can now be redirected to boost the organization itself to a whole new level.

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... is a wake-up call. It becomes darker through a vicious circle of fighting against yourself. At the other side, even early symptoms of burnout provide an opportunity to inner growth. Based on its scientific approach, AURELIS can support this process of growth and reduce burnout.

At present, burnout may bring a huge cost to your organization. As a wake-up call, it may eventually become something you learn to appreciate and even to use to the advantage of all.

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Quit Smoking

... from inside. A fight against an addiction is a fight against yourself. This is not needed. Using AURELIS, you find inside yourself an unexpected ally. You grow beyond the addiction, also if you are already not smoking anymore.

Smoking by itself brings a huge cost to any organization: absenteeism, less concentration at work etc. To make people quit smoking is a sensitive issue. With AURELIS, people feel free to quit smoking… and they do.

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