A ‘Read&Do’ is a kind of personal online workshop, containing many small chunks of information that may give you deep, AURELIS-style insights in a particular domain. The format is specifically made to be read on screen, even on a smartphone. There are also ample exercises, of which you can store your answers online (strict privacy guaranteed).

If you want to follow a live workshop based on the same insights but going further in lively experiences, please contact us.

There are Read&Do's about the following topics:

  1. Burnout Prevention
  2. Chronic Pain Relief
  3. Deep Motivation
  4. Depression Relief
  5. Getting Slim
  6. Open Leadership
  7. Open Mindfulness
  8. Stressional Intelligence
  9. Quit Smoking

You can also access them on the related websites.

To read and do these, you need to take a subscription.