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This blog-wiki encompasses various domains from an AURELIS viewpoint, based on modern science which is making massive progress in the domain of subconceptual, non-conscious processing. This has immense influence on how – as total beings – we feel, think, decide, and act.

A central AURELIS assumption is that faith in the human being is profoundly warranted. With proper support, people find their inner strength and motivation for the good of themselves and others. This faith itself is a mainstay of adequate support.

I invite you to consider that there are no ultimate truths. This shouldn’t lead one to descend into an abyss of relativism. One can make a meaningful effort to think clearly and consistently. The question “Am I 100% correct?” is eventually less crucial than putting effort into striving to be so.

Some texts are demanding. Please take your time. The purpose is to open yourself. Don’t be convinced of anything unless you feel it deep inside.

AURELIS is about ‘letting you invite yourself’: AUto-suggestion. This is a combination of freedom + direction. You can RELax into durable progress at your pace, attaining your Inner Strength. For more about the underlying philosophy, click here.

Since subtlety is involved, please quote from this blog-wiki only while referring to the source, including the URL.

Practical tips: You can print out any blog. If you want to follow a link in a new window, you can use the right mouse button. You can also put blogs on a list of bookmarks if you subscribe to the blog.

Be yourself. Find strength. Have fun.

If you like guided meditation, here’s a free app for you.

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