Free AURELIS e-books

click here for e-book 1: 'AURELIS background'

This is a rational (rather 'intellectual') introduction to AURELIS, with attention to what is central to the whole project: a striving towards 100% depth and 100% rationality at the same time.


click here for e-book 2: 'AURELIS in 12 metaphors'

This is a set of metaphors that bring core concepts of AURELIS in a way that is, by itself, also characteristic to the project. With metaphors, the message is brought at several levels at the same time, including the 'deeper' level that surpasses merely conscious thinking. Another word for this is poetry.


click here for e-book 3: 'How AURELIS works - an ‘unconscious patterns’ perspective'

This focuses on an unconscious patterns perspective upon ‘change from inside.’ What is such a perspective? How can AURELIS lead to such inner change?


Click here for e-book with scientific background

This e-book is for the general, though scientifically minded reader who is interested in how AURELIS can be understood based on modern insights in mind & brain, the unconscious and ‘subconceptual processing’.