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Mathematicians are working on the concept of ‘infinity’ and search it somewhere ‘at the end’ of an infinite series. In that case you may search for a very long time ..

Though: the end of a series is still within that series and since that series, by definition, has no end, infinity doesn’t exist within that series. Point done.


Take time and space

Every time we take a second, another second precedes. ‘When’ did it start? Ah … Ditto with the future. ‘When’ does it end? Ah … Ditto – mutatis mutandis – with every direction (from the, woe betide us, infinitely many directions) in space: ‘where’ does it end? Ah, …

Infinity does not exist within time and space.

Do space and time exist then?

At least not as we conceptualize it. Because an infinite series has by definition no end and, therefore, no limit and no secession of other concepts and so it doesn’t exist as a concept.

Strange but true: we deal with time and space as if it were concepts but they do not exist as concepts.

They are certainly an illusion.

Annoying because the truth is that we exist in time and space. So we, at least according to the way we think about ourselves, are an illusion too. A kind of ‘dream’. Is this an endless dream? Well, here we go again …

We do want to understand it but we cannot understand it.

Yet we can do something with it, not as a concept but as a ‘sensation’.

In other words, it is a symbol. In AURELIS you may find ‘infinite patience’ for example. That’s no patience that knows an end in time. It is therefore no patience that conceptually exists. It is something else. It doesn’t take place at the conceptual level. It takes place in the deeper self. This way, we are all of a sudden in an ‘other’ world, not because the world is different, but because we look ‘differently’ at it.

This ‘different’ look is also what meditation is.

In meditation a sense of infinity is absolutely interesting. Since it does not fit within the world of concepts as ‘concepts’, you spontaneously slide from the latter and you end up in an ‘infinitely’ much bigger world of non-concepts … into – in principle – non-conceptuality itself.

The question is: ‘Who’ ends up there?

OKAY. ‘Who’ is asking this question?

As you notice, infinity can drastically blow someone away. It is a useful instrument, but it is not necessarily the most comfortable one. It can leave you behind with a really empty feeling. Learning to deal with this, is perhaps the most interesting and at the same time most difficult mission of any sentient being we can imagine.

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