Gravity is a Hoax!

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One can describe the universe ‘inside out’… as a thought experiment.

Please read this text as a mind-game. It is meant to be playful.

This said, maybe…

Gravitation-as-attraction (in short: ‘gravity’) is derived by inductive reasoning from empirical observations. The observations are clear. The reasoning might be wrong. If so, then:

Gravity is a hoax!

If there is no gravitational pull, then even black holes have none. Even the universe as a whole has none. There is no attraction of matter to matter. Still, the moon doesn’t fly away into space (yet). Something else must explain this. Einstein thought of space-time distortion…

Or: reversing everything: there is only expansion.

And what expands, is not matter, but… let’s call it emptiness for now. But this emptiness is not just nothing. In any case, where there is more matter, there is less emptiness. Take the earth. Inside the earth: much matter, little emptiness. Outside the earth : less matter, more emptiness. Since emptiness expands, the earth is being squeezed –> the globe stays together. You can walk on it. Jumping into the air, emptiness pushes you back. Air contains less matter, thus more emptiness, so it forms a layer outside the denser earth. The core of the earth contains mostly iron, little emptiness. There is enough emptiness between earth and moon to keep her at bay, not enough to push her away.

Everything fits until now. Do you agree?

Now we can look at a few things that fit even more. Macro and micro:

  • While the universe expands, more emptiness is inside. Thus the universe should expand ever more quickly. Which is the case.
  • Inside the atom, there are forces that keep the atomic center from not dissolving. Guess what : same explanation.

So what may this emptiness be?

Fact checking confirms: time slows down through closeness to large bodies of matter. The further away from matter, the quicker time itself gets. This makes all matter that is further from other matter, change its position more quickly. Look at it all and you see how through their slowness, large material bodies tend to stay so. The earth keeps being the earth. In interstellar space, time runs quicker. This is accommodated through expansion of the whole, the universe.

Or you can take a reverse route : time slowing down, creates matter. OR : the one and the other are just two ways of looking at one phenomenon as it is happening.

The slowing down of time = the being present of matter.

Matter does not cause a change in time-space. Matter is the change in time-space.

Would Einstein agree? The interactions between time, space and matter (= energy) give several views upon the same thing. Time being what I just called emptiness.

And then it becomes dark…

Dark matter is hypothetical. It serves to explain several issues which can also be explained by our new hypothesis, moreover: without a need for any additional construct. Again, macro and micro:

  • In a spiral galaxy, the rotation curve (velocity to distance) is flat: for each element, more (emptiness) pushes towards following the turning, than in the other direction.
  • Clusters of galaxies expand at a slower rate than the inter-cluster space, whereby the difference is bigger than predicted solely by the mass of the cluster itself. However, the inter-cluster space has an extraordinary amount of emptiness.
  • At quantum leaps of an electron: the electron may just change into time and then back into matter + if the electron (the same or not?) gets closer to the center of the atom => less emptiness, a surplus of ‘energy=matter’ appears, which is emitted as a photon. We see the light. ‘Energy = matter’ can be transformed into light and vice versa: photosynthesis.

And then it becomes light…

Light being a wave and a wave needing a medium, we have found the medium… This is another explanatory take upon why light gets deflected by heavy objects, such as at ‘gravitational lensing’ in far-away space, or even our sun deflecting other starlight as visible at a solar eclipse: light bends through gravitational attraction? No: emptiness pushes the starlight. Or: time runs faster at one side of the wave than at the other side. It’s the same explanation.

Since a black hole is virtually timeless, there is no medium for light waves. Thus, no light escapes.

Before big bang, time at the core of everything must have been quasi absent. But then how can there have been a big bang? Hypothesis: at the core of cores, time was quasi standing still – and it still is. Virtually no progression. So there ‘never’ was a big bang and what we see as ‘expanding universe’ is just a fragment of this core. Most of it is still invisible since there is quasi no time.

Since the universe is not uniform, theoretically this may be because of a lack of uniformity in the out-of-universe. This might give us an idea of what is present there.

OK. I am lost 😊 .

But imagine…

… getting energy out of time.



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