You Are Not Your Enemy

May 7, 2021 Sociocultural Issues No Comments

More specifically, your nonconscious mind is not something like a tiny dinosaur brain inside your brain-mind that you have to fight with your rational mind to keep in check or otherwise…

It’s just not like that at all.

Nor are there three brains in your brain. [see: “The Brainy Trinity“] This idea was popularized to the general public in the seventies, even while back then already, scientists had proven it incorrect.

But it still lives on. I heard it even today being explained as an obvious truth, in a live webinar, by a physician who showed himself as an expert in the field.

It’s a fable. So is the whole idea of a primitive part of our brain-mind versus a modern part. Instead, the story of the brain shows growth and reorganization, leading to the following:

The modern brain uses the whole brain in a modern way.

This is present-day science. It’s not my idea about things. I’ll notify you when it comes to the latter.

A consequence is that there are no instinctual parts of you that you need to subdue. If you act ‘out of instinct,’ there is no primitive part of you that jumps up and takes over control. On the contrary, it is still entirely you. I’m sorry if this takes away a deer excuse.

Everything you do, you do.

This doesn’t mean there is no nonconscious processing.

There’s a whole lot of this. It underlies your rational thinking as well as your emotions ― or both together acting as one. It underlies everything, AND it is as modern (or ancient, depending on the viewpoint) as anything.

You do well to communicate with it, integrate it, and strive for a state of mind without an exaggerated amount of inner dissociation because that leads to stress, illness, and outward aggression. No good comes from it. [see: “Inner Dissociation is NEVER OK!“]

Creating inner dissociation, you create an enemy within you.

So, you are not your enemy… unless you transform yourself into one, for instance, by the thought itself.

Unfortunately, many people do precisely this. In many cases, culture is helpful in the endeavor.

Now for my idea:

From the moment it takes its course, culture cares only for itself, not for individuals. The culture that survives is the one that takes the best care for itself. Part of this is also caring for people, but that is not the main aim. It’s only secondary.

For instance, cultural organizations (religious, medical, juridical, educational) may make people unhappy for the sole reason of becoming stronger organizations. Invariably, some individuals profit from this, gaining status, money, power by de-powering the lot. Such irresponsible behavior of some is part of how culture exerts its influence. Who is to blame?

In healing

Again and again, Inner Strength is taken away from people, for instance, the strength to heal oneself from the inside out, as naturally as possible, and with little or no external aid. Nowadays, we see medicalization. But even long before modern Western medicine, people were being de-powered as to their own healing.

Only, the stronger the organization, the more it can do so. This is a vicious circle. The more it does so, the stronger it gets.

In politics

One can see this, for instance, in an overshoot to the right, leading to proceeding in step and aligning in fasciculi, otherwise said: fascism at bay.

People are frequently led to comply through an outside enemy threat, a feeling of righteous revenge, or even a general non-distinct tension hovering over the immediate future. It’s an age-old, self-repetitive story.


The main goal is Inner Strength itself. It is a choice for the natural human being, the individual who also grows through the relief of his suffering. This way, the individual does not need to be his own enemy.

It is not a choice against culture, but for one that accords to nature. [see: “Culture and Nature“]

I think this is the future. We can only strive to reach it quickly.

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