The Cause of War

February 25, 2023 Sociocultural Issues No Comments

Worldly factors are causes only inasmuch as they are related to human motivations. No money, oil, or invisible borders wage war ― only humans presently do, and only humans can stop the waging.

No pacifism

Pacifism would mean choosing a greater evil just for the sake of not-fighting.

I prefer the lesser evil.

Meanwhile, when seeing war

Seeing war breaks my heart. There is no justification except to prevent more of the same, which is always possible. It makes me fall into pieces, so I have to put them together again in new ways.

It breaks my heart for every person involved, whether civilian or military, personal or loved one.

The cause of the inexcusable

Logically, the eventual cause lies where the bucket of motivation stops: in the human energy that is a natural given ― this is, in deep motivation.

Only, this stops nowhere. Also, in a complex environment (such as the human mind, more than anything), the roads may be long and winding.

Let’s look at a parallel diagram to the one from negative to positive mindset:

With a twist

If the energy cannot get realized positively, then the cause for this obstruction (three parallel lines in the image) can be seen as causing the alternative/negative route.

This relation may be less straightforward. Also, inner aggression may be present inside without the person feeling it clearly ― for instance, as chronic pain or another symptom. Good coaching may be clarifying in this regard. As a matter of fact, medication doesn’t do so at all.

The thwarting of positive action (thus, indirectly, causing war) may happen time and again at a big scale through external causes fed by people with the best and most peaceful intentions ― for instance, through the ‘disciplined education of children.’ This makes it even more urgent to strive for proper insights into the human being – a humanistic responsibility – and, more specifically, insights into implicit life that runs throughout the day, every day.


Fortunately, science increasingly shows and proves many relevant aspects of the complex human mind puzzle that may significantly lead us forward.

Unfortunately, this science lies practically hidden — not getting through to mainstream knowledge or even to other scientific domains. It’s as if a veil hangs over it, and even the why-question receives no answers.

Are people ‘not ready’?

Then the cause of war lies in this non-readiness.

We’re getting closer. Also, we’re getting to where things can actually get done with a lot of effort and daring.

That is still challenging but feasible.

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