January 1, 2020 Meditation No Comments

[see also: “Emptiness!“]

Empty of concepts in deep meditation.



The silence.

All lines are parallel.

The universe is here.

Mind bent on infinity.

Somewhere a bird whistles. It is this bird here and now.

And then there is this great love, great compassion.


I. am I. am I. am no longer I.

Nothing is needed. Everything is allowed.

Each time again I friendly put my ego aside

like a child that continuously asks for attention

and then is mainly curious

and then sits down beside me

and listens together.

Nothing is needed.

Everything is allowed.


Ego is not to be conquered or pushed away.

It is a genuine part of you.

The ‘I’ dissolves.

Poetry should not be analyzed in any way.

This is the first poem of ‘Poems from a Parallel World.

‘Parallel’ has many meanings.

Being parallel to something or someone, you learn to know intimately what this thing or person is about.

You overlap, staying who you are.

You can listen to silence

and hear many, many things.

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