Psychic Healing?

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No way.

Anything that clearly works through deception has no place in the AURELIS worldview, whether it belongs to the world of voodoo or of what is wrongfully supposed to be scientific, or anything in-between.

The power of the symbolic

Symbols generally have a huge power on people. That is one good reason to use them. [see: “Why Bother about Symbols?”] In many indigenous societies, past and present, this power is used towards healing ― as far as scientifically observed, with good results.

The symbolic also has its place – and power – in Western medicine. Anything placebo-related doesn’t work because of what it signifies but what it symbolizes. [see: “Symbols and Signs”] The expectation that placebo brings doesn’t function at a conscious level. One cannot consciously decide to have a placebo effect.

It happens at a non-conscious level, through suggestion. The expectation/communication is towards inside and subconceptual. That is the hallmark of a symbol. [see: “A Symbol Is Always YOU”] The effect is also related to this. Thus, its power on health and healing should not come as a surprise.

Then why ‘No way’?

For the same reason: It’s powerful stuff. This does not preclude it to be powerful in a negative way. Not any symbol (or symptom) is immune to this. Therefore, its action at a non-conscious level is problematic since we cannot clearly see its consequences.

Are they positive or negative?

Mostly, in non-scientific, nature-proxy (‘primitive?’) societies, the symbolic is embedded in an environment that somehow takes care of this. Even so, misuse has probably always been nearby.

But the West is a science-enlightened culture.

I am delighted for that, with one caveat: In mind-related issues, the science is more complicated and, frequently, in a quite ramshackle state.

We need more science, not less!

As to healing, this demands a deep science-based insight into ‘the symbolic’ itself.

We need more science, but we do not need less symbol.

In my view, symbol-deplete science is the main reason why in the US and Europe alike, people pay more own-pocket-money to and feel more helped by the psychic healer than the scientific therapist. This is the case already for several decades, at least.

Thus, some plead for using psychic healing under the guise of psychotherapy, reimbursed, of course.

A far better option is to make the symbolic scientific and get rid of nonscience. Towards the future, I think this is the only option.

Otherwise, in psychic parlance, you risk losing your soul.

This is as dramatic as it sounds. Without nature-based support and within a Western grab-and-take mentality, the power of the symbolic is bound to have many adverse effects.

Depression. [see: “Depression: In Need Of The Lost Soul”]

Inner dissociation. [see: “Inner Dissociation is NEVER OK!”]

Perhaps even most negative of all in this: societal influences.

It is a Faustian deal, almost literally. Soul is lost for the sake of comfort. People should know.

Then what is ‘symbolic science’?

You’re at it. It is the science of autosuggestion. [see: “Power of Placebo < Autosuggestion“]

It is the language of AURELIS.

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