AURELIS during Pregnancy

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AURELIS can support pregnancy in several aspects. I hope this may be realized and have a positive impact on many people’s lives, providing a good start for the baby and a joyful experience for the mother.

See also the meditative sessions about pregnancy in AurelisOnLine.

About babies

The new life inside the belly becomes a baby when the mother feels it so. It is at her discretion and should be at hers only. Whoever is convinced that there’s a baby from conception onwards should try to convince the ‘mother’ with Compassionate means only. I see no point in any other option.

This said, let’s call the new life ‘baby’ in this text ― making the pregnant woman a mother.

Bonding with the baby inside the belly

There is much evidence that the baby’s time in the mother’s belly significantly impacts the health status of the mother (and father) and the baby even for a long time after childbirth.

This is probably not only related to the mother’s relaxation (or lack of) but also to aspects of meaningfulness. This is, effectively, about what the baby means to the mother — especially subconceptually and largely beyond conscious awareness. This is much more than expectancy. It is a complex landscape of meaningfulness.

The aim of the AURELIS sessions

The main aim is transformative. The period of pregnancy is a prime occasion for mental growth, replete with symbolism of growth mentally and physically.

The sessions may play a role in this for the mother. They can also be listened to by mother and father together for joint experiences. I would hope there is room for doing so at least a few times. A shared in-depth experience doubles its worth for both ― sorry, for the threesome.

Influence on the pregnancy itself?

Almost certainly, there is also a significant influence on the pregnancy itself: less chances of pregnancy hypertension, for instance, and higher chances that the whole pregnancy goes smoothly.

Nature wishes it so, and AURELIS is but a support in the natural flow of things ― especially deeply meaningful things such as the growth of new life.


One should not be obsessed with doing sessions. They may be regularly done while listening or remembering a session’s main course. It’s good if the mother profoundly believes and experiences that this is helping her from the inside out. It is she who is active in this.

Moreover, since there is a symbiosis with the baby, as soon as the baby can experience anything, it forms part of the ‘inside out.’ This way, even the baby is helping the mother to feel good, be good, and have a smooth and joyful pregnancy.


There are also AURELIS sessions to support childbirth. These may be done during the pregnancy to prepare for this stage.

Notoriously, childbirth exercises are forgotten when most needed. This makes the preparation even more important. Also, here lies a father’s job: to aid the mother in giving birth – mentally, for sure – by empathically bringing at least something of the exercises into the happening.

At last, here’s a concrete father’s job during childbirth 😉.

Postnatal blues?

On top of the sessions specifically for this, a meaningful pregnancy and childbirth are probably also a good support in blues prevention. The child is profoundly welcomed by love, thus also more easily becoming a source of love.

This way, AURELIS can be lifelong support.

As always, of course, it is ‘only’ a support. The real actor is the user.

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