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Contact with the own deeper self

For each woman a pregnancy is a period of serious changes, physical, emotional and relational. A good contact with the own deeper self is all the more important in such a period. A change that one experiences as a total person, is much better incorporated in the whole life. The child is also already sensitive to the emotional state of the mother. This may even be somewhat character building already.

Emotionally incorporating experiences

In addition to this, by emotionally incorporating these experiences well, the pregnant woman reduces the risk on a feeling of loss of soul or better said: postnatal depression. Probably through this she can also count on less pregnancy vomiting.

A very deep source of meaning

Letting a baby grow in the own body and then releasing him/her into the world... This is a very deep source of meaning. Western culture doesn’t have particularly much interest in deeper meanings of ‘daily life’ experiences. Each pregnant woman (and her partner) comes into contact with these meanings however in a sharp manner. She can then ignore these, or suffer because of them, or she can contract a relationship with the deeper self as such. This makes very rich experiences possible.

Thorough aid

AURELIS offers to pregnant women a thorough aid to obtain more from her own pregnancy. This does right to this important phase of life. Not only is the inner strength better used through this, but also you get the occasion to seriously increase this strength. Not only a child is born then, but also a new, more powerful woman. At the labour itself you can already use this newly found strength.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Self-reliance - everything goes well
    With the aid that you give it, the baby within you learns a lot of things already every day, such as: how it feels to be safe. You can completely that everything you do is OKAY. All movements that you make are good and safe. At childbirth you can bravely trust the good nature. You can relax yourself and have faith that all movements that nature lets your body make are good.
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  • Looking forward to the birth of the baby
    You can place all worries about pain and loss of control on a cloud and see them float away, so far away that you hardly see them anymore. You will have this baby in a way that is comfortable for you and in such a way that afterwards you can look back on it with positive feelings of gratitude and happiness over the birth of this new life. This gives you a sense of fulfilment.
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  • Quick recovery after delivery
    Direct suggestions to a quick convalescence.
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  • Less nuisance of hyperemesis gravidarum
    You can trust your subconscious. A feeling of nausea never lasts longer than 30 seconds. You simply need to take a few moments to rest. Being nauseous is not necessary during the pregnancy.
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  • Talking to your own uterus
    In your thoughts you talk to your uterus. You can communicate your friendly intentions through encouraging words or by simply focusing on your uterus with a feeling of friendship and love. You can also listen for an answer, which can come in the form of a local feeling or general emotion.
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