Labor and delivery

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You deserve all possible aid

A period of labor is that period in the life of a woman in which she probably most of all needs the use of herself as a complete person. Many things then happen with body and mind that are not under direct conscious control: the pain, the contractions, the opening-up, the blood loss… On top of that comes the immensely meaningful happening of the birth of your own child. As a woman you then deserve all possible aid in order to be able to fully exploit the strength within yourself.

With AURELIS you can mobilize this aid

With AURELIS you can mobilize this aid beforehand within yourself. Through this you get the occasion to let your own deeper self optimally work for you during labor (less pain, more efficient contractions etc.). What is very important: this happens in a spontaneous way. At that moment you don’t have much occasion to consciously start reflecting on what you could do. However your deeper self does that anyway. In addition to this, with the AURELIS-method you not only have aid from within yourself during labor, but also in the period around it. You give to your deeper self more the occasion to prepare the childbirth at several levels as a result of which the child immediately arrives in a warm mental nest, together with you.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • Keep breathing without hyperventilation
    Practice powerful breathing without fear. You will feel how people are close to you, ready to help you. The natural breathing comes spontaneously to you when you need it.
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  • Imagination: opening as a flower / a lock
    A flower opens. A lock on a waterway opens. In a very symbolic manner, your birth canal opens and your child is born. Everything happens at its own natural pace.
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  • Diminishment of pain during labor ( + less blood loss)
    You learn several ways to prepare for labor with little pain, or in a way that subjectively can be felt different from pain. At the same time, you work on preventing blood loss during labor.
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  • Helping your contractions
    The beginning of a contraction becomes a signal for a relatively painless and efficient contraction of your uterus. The end of a contraction becomes a signal for relaxation, deep rest and effectively finding strength for the next contraction.
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  • Self-reliance during delivery
    You learn to look forward with self-confidence to a labor during which everything goes well, using your inner strength.
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