Postnatal blues

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To a small degree it is a normal phenomenon

Some postnatal ‘blues’ are very normal and probably even occur after most childbirths. Of course, a lot is happening in a short period of time with which you have to grapple. The meaning of the happening is in itself large and serious. Hormonal changes after the labour make a mother more sensitive to ‘blues’. If you find it becomes annoying, then with this AURELIS indication you can especially work on your own well-being, and indirectly also on the well-being of your child and of others.

An end to a perfect symbiosis

A childbirth brings to an end a perfect symbiosis mother-child. For quite some time you were 2 persons and all of a sudden you are again 1 person. Perhaps this means to your subconscious that one way or the other you lose a part of your soul. Moreover, all of a sudden the child is no longer entirely yours to take care of. The father and other people take care of it too. Even if on a conscious level you consider the childbirth as purely positive, subconsciously a sorrow can exist.

Possible doubt about motherhood

A possible deeper-lying doubt about motherhood can play a role. You are not necessarily aware of this. This can be a doubt about all kinds of nonrational matters, whether you eventually sufficiently want the child, or whether you can be a good mother, or whether the situation in which the child is born is ideal… Such doubts do not mean you are a bad mother, on the contrary even. It is however, very important that with respect to these doubts you adopt openness and a good attitude that belongs to you as a complete person.

AURELIS and postnatal depression

A serious problem arises of course when the ‘blues’ proceeds into a postnatal depression. Then you can use this indication, but don’t wait too long (such as no longer than 3 days) to search for additional help. A postnatal depression can proceed into a very serious state.
Autosuggestion sessions
  • In imagination one with your child again
    In your imagination you are again one with your child, by simply holding it. You strongly experience this unity and it makes you feel very well. You find very much inner strength in this. Everything is okay.
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  • In you is present a perfect mother
    Perhaps you cannot be the perfect mother at once, but that is entirely okay. Within you is a perfect mother who manifests herself over the course of time. You can accelerate that by giving your deep attention to it now.
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  • Opening doors for mother-strength within yourself
    In your imagination you encounter within yourself all kinds of doors. These doors have sense, but you do not have to exactly understand what they mean. You feel that by opening them, you encounter within yourself more strength that you can use as a mother.
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  • A whole line of mothers can help you
    In the line of your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother... a number of women were especially good mothers. One way or the other these are ready to help you now.
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  • A lioness and her cubs
    In your imagination you see a lioness that takes very good care of her cub(s). This is pure nature. You feel deeply related to the lioness and you get through this the same natural strength.
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