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This is a direction, not an end-point, nor any point somewhere nearby.  It is a road to be traveled on while enjoying the landscape.

No therapy

In AURELIS, there is no attacking of any disease, nor symptom, be it mental or physical. The AURELIS aim is, where appropriate, to go deeper than the outer symptom (or disease).

This being said, a symptom can be like a door. Therapy would then be like the destruction of the door and the building of a stone wall instead. This is not about gently looking for how to open the door. If it is, then it’s no therapy anymore, but (AURELIS) coaching.

Still, this doesn’t say that therapy is to be avoided. Rather, it’s a choice that should be taken in full transparency by the therapist/coach as well as the patient(client)/coachee. More specifically, the latter should have a good idea about what it means: to open doors versus the intention to close them down in a durable way.

In other words: the goal is important.

No techniques to be used by the coach towards the coachee.

In good faith, AURELIS can be combined with any therapy. Remember: it is a direction.

Nevertheless, being able to wield external tools naturally puts the therapist into an expert position as the one with the specific, privileged knowledge. With such knowledge and accompanying technology, authority is guaranteed in the same way as in any technical profession.

Not so in AURELIS coaching. Here, the only instrument is the coach. This enables the coach to be very much near the coachee. Please note the subtlety in this. Being near is still at a distance. [see: “AURELIS-Coaching: Coach = Coachee“]

Techniques oriented towards the coach

With the coach being the only instrument, the focus can be put on giving the coach support towards self-enhancement. This is a very organic endeavor. No one can ‘grow the coach’ but that coach himself.

As it turns out, within AURELIS, there are plenty of techniques – as well as crucial insights – towards such support. These techniques and insights are teachable. However, as you might have guessed, not in the usual way of information-transmission. The person (coach) to be taught is the total-person, conceptually and subconceptually.

[see: “AURELIS Coaching Institute“]

This is challenging, demanding to the coach.

Please make no mistake in this. It is probably more challenging than any therapy. A considerable part of the challenge lies in precisely not making this mistake.

It is the same as in leadership. No attempt to ‘teach leadership’ truly succeeds. Leadership is organic. It cannot be taught. Likewise, AURELIS coaching cannot be taught.

Try to reduce it to the straightforwardly teachable, and all you get is an unworkable oxymoron.

AURELIS coaching can be shown.

There is way much more in this than meets the eye. One needs to Listen. [see: “Deep Listening”]

It can be shown in many ways, each of which eventually from within the coach-trainee. Only then can it work. From there only, it can ‘work’ towards all this coach’s coachees. Not as in-between. The direction is diametrically opposed.

It’s like a bucket that overflows. The direction of the filling is towards the bucket, not the other way which is the way of the overflow.

No magic

Let’s leave the magic to the magicians who want to wield their magic want, one way or another, even when some of them call it ‘science.’ To me, at least, science is nothing less than unconditionally open.

And yet, what happens might be called ‘magical’ in a very humane sense. To accomplish this is no small feat. It makes the coach a professional, a special person, someone to cherish. Indeed!

The goal is crucial.

In AURELIS coaching, it’s more important than as already said. In most cases, a substantial part of the coaching lies in finding out the ‘true goal’ of the coachee. For instance, is the goal to quit smoking or to become a non-smoker ― getting rid of addiction through letting it dissolve (‘salt in water’)?

Is the goal static – to become the person one was before the disease – or dynamic – to grow as a person, becoming ‘better’ as a total-person? You can see for yourself what may be meant by ‘better’ in this.

I would certainly include ‘ever more Compassionate’ as an endeavor. [see: “Essence of Compassion“] In this, I am talking about the coach as well as the coachee.

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