Your Mind-Brain, a Giant Pattern Recognizer

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It might still not be evident to you, dear reader, how an AURELIS session works, how it can have a substantial influence upon your body and mind.

►►► WHY read this? Deep insight into the structure of your mind makes you see the why and how of AURELIS sessions and more. ◄◄◄

I’m not going into body-mind-unity again.

[see: “Mind and body: no strangers“]

Nor am I going into the importance of subconceptual processing. [see: “Subconceptual Processing in Health and Healing“] Both have been explained, shown, proved, replicated, withstood any unfounded critique. Moreover, both fit the ‘total scientific project.’ This means that one doesn’t need to wring any arm off physics, biology, or chemistry to give them a proper place. On the contrary, not giving them a suitable place would indeed be in need of such.

In short, no scientific person should ever doubt them anymore unless an immensely unforeseen finding would show everything to be wrong. Well, that’s science also. Is the earth rather round? Most probably.

Also, I’m not going into ‘cloud or clock’ again.

[see: “Your Mind as Cure“] I don’t want to repeat myself. I’m still too young to be boring.

The point of today is the mapping.

The brain is a giant mapping machine, in which patterns are mapped into other patterns, which are again, and so on, and on. It doesn’t stop.

Indeed, it doesn’t stop even right before ‘the little guy in the brain’ finally looks at the result and sees that all is well. There is no such homunculus or little guy. There is, in the end, only brain and more brain (to not make it unnecessarily complicated).

Many psychologists don’t know this. At a lecture I gave for some hundred of them, none seemed to be enlightened in this respect. Yet, this is so basic to understand anything about how the brain (therefore the mind) works that I was baffled.

Welcome to the Middle Ages of today!

Dear reader, if you don’t know about these patterns in your mind-brain, there is nothing wrong with you. However, you might step into a time-machine and follow me to the present.

The future will show much more of it, no doubt, but at present, we already know so much as to see that it has repercussions on anything human-related: politics, economics, healthcare, education…

and AURELIS sessions

Crucial in this are the AURELIS five ethical principles. A session is not a blueprint meant to be stamped upon your brain. It is meant to suggest you in a chosen direction. The direction is chosen by you. A session supports you from inside out. It enables you to make a movement that is totally yours, at your pace. It heightens your inner strength.

And it does this through presenting you with patterns that you can follow if, indeed, these patterns are what you need at that specific time. My expertise of many years lies in making this possible, as would a dynamic key that molds itself to you. Even if you do the same session more than once, it follows you in your development. It doesn’t push you. It doesn’t tear you.

It respects the patterns that lie deep inside your brain. It communicates with them. What happens consciously meanwhile isn’t as important as what happens at the level of patterns and ever deeper patterns inside your brain.

And because it’s your brain, it’s, of course, your body.

No doubt. But “how can this be substantially effective,” you may ask. Why don’t I feel this at work all the time?

The fact is, you do. Just more your finger. OK? How did you do it? It’s the stuff of patterns. You’re scared. Pulse rises? Stuff of patterns. You are regularly under stress for an extended period. Hypertension? Stuff of patterns. Deregulation of your immune system? Stuff of patterns.

Thousands of influences come from your brain to your body all day long. Stuff of patterns.

Only, nature doesn’t let you be conscious of them

for good reasons:

  • There is no need to. It works better if you don’t consciously mingle with all this.
  • It would overwhelm you, take too much attention away from your conscious focus-of-the-moment.
  • Your conscious awareness works differently. It’s just not readily compatible. No disrespect intended from Mother Nature. She did her best, and that is you.

This makes you blind to the pattern working, but it’s there all right!

Poetry may show you how broad and deep patterns can readily affect you emotionally on the spot. AURELIS sessions are one kind of directed poetry. They can affect you in the short and the long term through communication at the pattern level.

If you let them.

You are made this way. You don’t see it because it works automatically.


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