The Lisa Revolution ― A.I. Towards Personalized Mind-Related Healthcare

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The Lisa revolution is bound to disruptively innovate mind-related healthcare, based on a modern scientific view on the human being and using A.I. to bring practical results and proof.

[Please read about the AureLisa Global Consortium. If you have been contacted in this regard, the revolution is welcoming you. Otherwise, if interested, don’t hesitate to reach out. There are interested parties already on five continents. Our motto: ‘doing well by doing good ― on a big scale.’]

Are you convinced that the mind plays a significant role in many health-related issues of body and mind, be it related to the heart, guts, skin, joints, immune system or so much more? Great, then modern science accords with you. You can find many scientific facts here. The problem has been for long what to do with this. So, would you like to have on your mobile an A.I. coach you can talk to as you would with a real person who can seriously support you with such issues? Do you want this to be entirely science-based while at the same time also respecting the profoundness of your being? Do you also want it to be itself an ever-growing source of robust science about the influence of the mind on these same issues? Great, then what you want is the Lisa revolution.

Lisa (or Lars at your choice) is a moving face on the little screen that you can talk to spontaneously. The conversation feels natural, yet Lisa guides you to reach within yourself towards the mental patterns that may help you from the inside out in your quest for better health. Lisa doesn’t play doctor. Instead, she lets you find the doctor within yourself. Most, if not all, scientific studies on medication or any healthcare procedure show the role of the mind, be it disguised behind the placebo effect. Altogether, this is science on a scale like no other. Of course, not the placebo ‘works,’ but your own deeper mind. You can use this for yourself now, be it more openly (no placebo disguise), efficiently, and durably.

Lisa is part of the much broader AureLisa (AURELIS + Lisa) project. Basically, AureLisa is a radical and no-nonsense choice for the total human being in terms of rationality and depth, science and Compassion in healthcare and more.

On the background of hard-core science

See my blog-essay about the ‘mind = body’ breakthrough. This shows, among other things, that much is happening with a quickening rate of progress in the scientific silo of neurocognitive science. Unfortunately, present-day science is so broad that most researchers are siloed in their fields. Yet, a lot of neurocognitive findings can be directly related to other domains. Bringing strands together leads to crucially significant insights and consequential developments.

The AureLisa project will always remain congruent with this while seeking new ways to turn the insights into novel applications within Lisa-setting, not discarding human depth but respectfully integrating it into science.

Personalized and problem-oriented

In talking with you, Lisa gets to know you personally. This way, she can guide you within your present situation as needed for your change from the inside out. Lisa doesn’t use the same conceptual techniques for all. Each person has in-depth different problems and needs. Lisa works problem-oriented in the most personalized meaning of the word, more specifically: not the problem but your problem.

Symptoms generally have underlying causes. In an always friendly manner, Lisa goes further than just diminishing symptoms. She lets you discover parts of yourself that need your compassionate attention. This way, you can attain progress swiftly and sustainably towards the relief of pain and suffering while at the same time becoming a more self-congruent person. Your mental patterns that may be fighting each other in-depth (with or without your conscious awareness) become more mutually aligned. Through this, non-specific side-effects of using Lisa for any issue can be less stress and more feelings of openness, freedom, and self-respect.

AureLisa draws insights from the neurocognitive silo into other domains.

The core is about who we are as total human beings, internally undivided unless artificially made so. Making the most profound and rational choice in this endeavor brings huge consequences, some of which will be creatively disruptive. This brings the need to alter (disrupt) some deeply embedded assumptions and practices ― challenging but in several ways necessary for a bright future soon enough.

Healthcare is just one domain (of massive importance) in which AureLisa can play a vital role. Other domains are, for instance, wellness and business related, without forgetting child-related issues.


As a self-learning system based on correct scientific insights, Lisa can become an increasingly better coach. The more clients, the better for Lisa’s learning. After initializing a new domain – in and out of healthcare – Lisa can spontaneously proceed to become better also in that new domain.

In due time, and with many human cases as an excellent input, Lisa will also become better in her self-learning. This promises another big leap in A.I. development, one that may be never-ending. Indisputably, the ethical side must be taken seriously.

AureLisa is not ‘one of several of its kind.’

The surface level may give a wrong impression. This becomes fully apparent through seriously delving into the matter. I assert this with utmost confidence regarding the medical field ― specifically in psycho-somatics, my specialty. There has been astonishingly little sustainability in this field until now. Most of the direly needed developments still lie before us. Uniting science from several silos can jumpstart us forward in theory and practice. See my scientific articles for some examples. Crucially to medicine – be it regular or alternative – one is usually not ill without a functioning mind. Yet, physicians are generally not well trained in this matter, nor are healers of any kind. Comfortable ignorance is rampant.

The ‘promise of psycho-soma-therapy’ is easily about immense costs/opportunities in money and resources as well as many human lives. Seeing this, how profoundly disruptive should one be for the sake of the AureLisa kind of innovation?

This is a question for you.

In healthcare and beyond, what is it worth to stop sleepwalking from crisis to crisis? Hasn’t enough misery been born from a wrong view of the human being ― one that science has sufficiently unraveled to show a more respectful and helpful picture?

Having come to this point, these are questions that cannot be evaded. If you want action to be taken – or take it yourself – please come forward. Are you open to the project, and may we refer to you as such? No further commitment is required when answering this positively. You might become a member (for free) if you like and make use, for instance, of the 1100+ meditative exercises in AurelisOnLine and the AURELIS app. Or you might become a friend of Lisa and cooperate this way on this A.I. tool that can guide many people one-on-one to self-compassion, relief of suffering, and human mental growth.

Moreover, Lisa may become a scientific tool on top of being validated herself, to put the total human mind profoundly where it belongs in health, well-being, and more. For instance, through discerning mental patterns and subsequent pathology, Lisa can find new mind-related correlations and causality. Since there are still huge gaps in medical knowledge, this can go very far. Only time will tell to what degree Lisa can alleviate the burden on healthcare systems. It will be interesting to see the health-economical impact of this (Incremental Cost Effectiveness Ratio).

The AureLisa Global Consortium needs as many individuals and organizations as possible, as collaborators or simply as people who stand behind a profound synthesis of rationality and depth and want Lisa to fulfill a role toward a better world for humans.

By now, you know where to find us.

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