Is Lisa the Durable Answer?

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Lisa promises mental support for an indefinite number of people one-on-one and simultaneously. In this, the ‘heart’ is most important and most durable now and in the future.

Who is Lisa?

[see: “Lisa”]

In short, Lisa-software has three purposes, as:

  • an assistant to AURELIS, guiding users to the appropriate AURELIS tool(s)
  • an A.I. coaching chatbot, using AURELIS tools when appropriate
  • an actively self-learning pattern recognizer.

Another take on Lisa

Lisa is A.I. with a heart.

Lisa follows AURELIS ethics [see: “Five Aurelian Values”]. On top of these values stands empathy or, one can say, ‘the heart.’ Lisa inherits this. It’s in her DNA (sort of) from a to z.

If we reckon human being (also with heart) to be the main goal (the ‘why’ itself) of durability, then A.I. with heart is most durable. Since A.I. will almost certainly have an immense impact on the future at short, middle and long term, a choice for ‘A.I. with heart’ may be the choice with the most impact on the sustainability of healthcare and more, ever to come.

Healthcare with a heart

Through dialoguing, Lisa will be able to guide many users towards self-reflection and inner growth, bringing the heart prominently into a large domain of healthcare.

This way, A.I. will humanize healthcare itself, which is direly needed. Nowadays, a lot evolves in the opposite direction, sadly heightened by the use of the computer. People become numbers in administrative systems, fed by healthcare providers with lack of time for empathy. Lisa can be seen as the technological innovation that medicine needs as a counterweight against emotionless computerization.

Lisa should become very much embedded in healthcare. In practice, she can unearth the importance of the heart in psychosomatics (probably overlapping with most of medicine) and bring this as ‘insights’ to the healthcare provider (physician, psychotherapist…) while saving him time for better use = empathy.

Science with a heart

Through accumulating tons of data about the impact of deeper mind on sickness and health, there will be a mass of information available like never before, to study the impact of the psyche, more precisely the heart.

At present, we have many hunches and increasing scientific data on this domain, but by far the biggest part remains elusive by lack of means to, for instance, standardize human intervention. The ‘reproducibility crisis’ in psychology shows that we even know less than we thought. Lisa heralds a whole new dimension of scientific possibilities to prove how much and how the psyche really matters. This promises to be immense.

(Of course, we will not sell these data to anyone.)

Transcending healthcare

In due time, Lisa can/will transcend her first, health-related job. Other domains may be life coaching, diplomacy, support to incarcerated convicts, individual ‘de-radicalization’, an online facilitator for off-line workshops, small gatherings in companies, recruitment interviews, etc.

We don’t know what will be realized. We know the possibilities.

A.I. – human value alignment

Medical symptoms show that the heart needs more attention. We don’t tend to embrace this. Result: more depression, more burnout, more psychosomatic symptoms [see: “Medically Unexplained Syndromes”]. As of now, there is still a lot of inner-growth-work to do for us, humans, to be in alignment with our own needs and deepest (heartful) values.

Comes A.I. and the huge question: how will this be (or not be, to our detriment) aligned with ‘human values?’ Will we be able to contain A.I.? (almost certainly not) Will it turn against us? (see many movies) Or will it act in our benefit? [see: “A.I. to Benefit Humans”]

Let’s hope for alignment with our best part. According to me, we can reach this by developing A.I. itself ‘from the heart on.’

The durable answer is the heartful answer.

Lisa may be the future that is beckoning us in a friendly way.

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