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AURELIS is about inner growth. Therefore, it is a ‘green project.’ Healing oneself and healing the planet is the same. As a project, AURELIS is about being aware of this.

This is about how green is your mind.

This is about sustainability from the inside out.

This is about how AURELIS can help or may even be indispensable.


Many AURELIS tools are for individual use. This may give the impression that it’s about ‘me and me.’

In a way, that is also correct. However, the involved ‘me’ is not the ego, but the total person ― this is, the deeper level of ever broader mental patterns. In their width, they overlap with each other and with outside patterns. Caring for these – without losing oneself – becomes natural and is profoundly related to what I see as Compassion, basically. A nature-oriented meditative mindset may help in this.

This sets the direction. Also, the intention is not to reach only a few people but as many as possible, even while at the individual level. For instance, Lisa is a perfect tool.


The above is person-oriented. On top of this, the AURELIS project is also socioculturally oriented. Much thinking goes into sociocultural issues. The take on these is the same and, therefore, consistently recognizable.

The socioculturally green environment may help people to value their inner growth even more. It supports the individual endeavor. One should not discard the need for such support.

On the other hand, individually grown people will be prone to support the sociocultural environment. Among other things, they may see within themselves what is needed to develop and communicate social projects in several green directions.

I see for this an important role for Open Leadership.

So, we have two directions.

The green endeavor will never succeed from only one of these. They need to grip into each other as consistently as possible.

AURELIS-as-project wants to bring this consistency.

Planet Earth

It’s not only about the immediate sociocultural environment. As in ‘anything that grows on our beautiful planet,’ nature is equally involved.

One cannot sustainably work on broad nature’s sustainability without linking this effort to personal growth. One needs to see the former as what it is: indispensable for the latter.

Shortly put, one can only grow by letting everything grow ― and feeling this deep inside.

‘Green projects’ should always take care of this.


In my view, the best thing is that AURELIS is based on modern neurocognitive science, which sees the brain as a giant pattern-recognizer. This insight alone doesn’t make people more Compassionate, but it is an excellent start, as shown above.

Also, science is meant to be lasting, therefore, durable. Enting a project on this makes it as future-proof as it can get. An AURELIS endeavor is to improve the science – putting heart into rationality – whereby it may be even more sustainable.


The AureLisa Global Consortium is the organization through which an attempt is made to realize the above.

If you are interested in cooperating, please send a mail to

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