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The nature within yourself

It is not the intention to preach a primitive religion of nature. You find here some symbolic tales that you can use in order to be touched in you own natural self. Whether you recognise ‘gods’ or ‘the divine' in nature, is then a question of your choice.

You choose an attitude as a complete person

As always, Aurelis is just a tool. No specific point of view is taken, unless precisely through the not taking any standpoint. This not only leaves the choice to you, but it gives the choice to you. As a complete person, you choose an attitude with respect to nature in which you also bring home religious feelings. Whether ‘the divine’ is eventually present in nature or not, is unimportant in respect to this indication. Only you are important. What you choose, is your responsibility.
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  • Everything that lives, is holy
    You alternate experiences in real nature and your imagination. In both cases, you are in direct contact with the holy that entirely permeates you.
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  • The feeling of oneness with living nature
    Religion can be purely a feeling of unity, in this case with living nature. This is in itself not a 'belief,' but purely what you experience.
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  • Contact with nature invites you to grow
    Nature inside you vibrates with nature around you. This leads your very generally to growth and integration. You can embrace a tree and feel growth that has meaning to you and permeates you.
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  • Nature as a temple
    You sense nature as a place of worship, a temple in which your religious feelings are at home.
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  • Relation to a personal God in nature
    You feel yourself personally protected. Nature seems to have an individuality that loves you unconditionally.
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