AURELIS = Responsibility

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Every aspect of AURELIS intends to make you freer, therefore more responsible.

Not guilty

Please read this other blog first. It’s important: [see: “Always Responsible, Never Guilty”]

Many times already, I pointed towards aspects of responsibility that come together with AURELIS. Indeed, gaining insight into the human ‘total being’ also brings more opportunities to influence oneself and others.

With this knowledge come freedom and responsibility.

Especially in the West, freedom is seen as one of the highest goods. Actually, I think it’s the case all over the world. people in the West probably just talk about it more. Where there is not yet much – open – talk about it, there will be.

With freedom comes responsibility.

If that makes you feel uncomfortable, my advice is to talk about it. That is in any case much better than getting anxious.

Should responsibility make one anxious?

I don’t think the one makes the other. The reverse is rather true: not seeing responsibility may diminish anxiety… through fleeing.

It’s not the responsibility that makes anxious. It’s what one sees when taking responsibility.

One sees one’s own inner strength.

Quoting Marianne Williamson: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” (sometimes wrongly attributed to Nelson Mandela)

Should inner strength make one anxious?

According to me, absolutely not.

But many cultures imbue it in the members of those cultures. It’s as if a culture thrives on it in order to sustain itself as a culture.

This isn’t far-fetched. The members make up the culture. Culture is what is shared inside the heads of the members. Their minds are the cultivating ground. Without them, culture doesn’t survive.

So, in a Darwinian sense, a culture that doesn’t keep a check on the inner strength of individuals loses in the competition to the one that does.

That makes culture very double-oriented.

On the one side, it gives a lot to its members in order to grow – also as individuals.

On the other side, it cannot let them grow in total-being freedom. Members are to be domesticated in order to fit the culture. An efficient way is to make them feel anxious when nearing the borders of what is culturally permitted.

Culture can make people feel anxious this way by making them ‘guilty’, throwing them out of the Garden of Eden, remember why?

In such a case, the anxious feeling is the same as the guilty feeling.

Now may be the time to break this open.


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