The ‘AURELIS Choice’

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In short: this is about a conscious choice for the ‘total person’, in which ego at least has a very interesting place but is not standing in the way of the ‘deeper self’.

It is a choice of ego itself to occasionally take a step aside.


AURELIS is an attempt to realize this in the best possible way. There are of course many attempts, many ways possible. Particular to AURELIS is perhaps a certain ‘fundamentalism’. Of course, if I may say so myself, hopefully in a good sense of the word. In this case I see it as an urge to reach as far as the ‘foundations’ from where e.g. health, illness and healing are about. More general: what ‘being human’ is about in depth. I know: so let’s look out sharply! One may take very wrong turns with this. However: choosing no direction in this is to my mind, more and more the least good choice and creates a vacuum that attracts anything possible. Maybe in the long run a healthy ‘fundamentalism’ is eventually the best way to restrain the less healthy opponents.

In order to maintain a straight line here, AURELIS is ‘radical’ too (well…) in the sense that in principle a choice is made for 2 directions simultaneously and completely. Namely: rationality and poetry. It all involves the work of people and a grain of salt is always welcome, but in principle the aim is to have 100% rationality and 100% poetry and this both at the same time. So, a synthesis and no compromise.

This is what one can call the ‘AURELIS choice’.

100% poetic

100% rational.

You can alternately cover one of the above two lines for a while and just look at the other one … yes, that’s it completely. Do you feel it?

This is interesting for those who want to engage in AURELIS, either towards others or merely for themselves. Also if one has a problem (a goal) and one agrees to a coaching, or even if one just wants to do some AURELIS mental exercises, the choice is important.

By this I mean that you not only have to see the choice, but also effectively make the choice.

One can be engaged in the ‘deeper self’ all the time (for many years) and yet never have made the choice to actually devote one’s attention to it in one’s own life.

Indeed, but:

How can one choose if one does not first study it/feel it/make it one’s own during a long time?

How can one make it one’s own if one does not first choose for it?

And yet: If one does not make this fundamental (yes I’d say it is) choice, one risks to be left by the wayside. One can pretend to be playing the game but not really score a goal. One will not bring the substantial to others, nor to oneself. In addition, no one can make this choice in someone else’s place..

There is only one person who can make this choice for someone and that is that someone himself.

This is a difficulty of course and at the same time, it’s great because it guarantees human liberty.

There is still something you may be absolutely sure of and that is:

if you really make the choice, then you go for it.

In this you may recognize at yourself if it’s a real, original choice. A halfhearted choice is the same as no choice. This is true in the field of ‘deeper self’ in full. There are so many possible detours involved here,

so many times “say yes, intend perhaps and do no“,

so many wool that can be pulled over the eyes, so many times “it may not, it may not, it will not”, etc. etc. that there is no end to it… unless one goes straight ahead and with the goal clearly in mind, yes, chooses fairly radically and fundamentally.

It is interesting to not make this choice while you are listening to an AURELIS session for example. It is a choice that has to be made in advance, that is at the same time a very substantial part of what happens during a session. In other words:

by choosing – and therefore also by substantively checking and reflecting what AURELIS stands for – you are already working on the sessions that give you support and opening.

I would even go so far as to say that you cannot allow the sessions to fully play their role for you without making this choice. In other words:

Without clear choice the door is closed.

You are standing at the door.

You have the key.

No matter what you need to believe, this door is only there for you if you choose for it.

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