AURELIS Levels in a Pyramid

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This brings another view of the project. From abstract to concrete, a lot has been worked out or may soon be ready for deployment. All levels are profoundly consistent.

Please also take a look at [see: “Introducing AURELIS (Animated Video)“].

Diagram of levels

Between the purely abstract and the purely concrete, you see five levels in a continuum from abstract to concrete. The second level (depth…) is the ethical one. For each level, there is a lot to be found through a search in the AURELIS blog-wiki.

The shape of the pyramid is associated with the number of people to whom it may concern and the direct impact it can have on individual lives.

As you can see, the AURELIS project is entirely oriented toward Compassion. Indeed, in my view, this is extremely important to ‘save the planet’ and proceed towards a humane future, especially since A.I. (the real one) is already knocking at the door. Not any of the big problems that we are facing at present will be resolved without it.

The most abstract

At the top, you find Compassion. [see: “Compassion, basically“]

This is not an easy concept, which may be an important reason why many people are attracted to it and agree about its crucial importance, but have difficulty being Compassionate or bringing it, for instance, to a company.

Insight at the most abstract levels may help at the most concrete levels. Some deeper insight may even be indispensable.

The most concrete

From the cradle to the grave, there are many domains on which insights and practical tools are available. Since mental growth is never finished, this can be seen as a lifelong path.

Of course, each user follows his path. The support he chooses may be short or long-lasting. AURELIS/Lisa aims to be practically valuable whenever needed and desirable within this general scheme.

Towards the future

All levels are needed to guide AURELIS/Lisa towards the future, a promised land with many opportunities and challenges not only for the project but for mankind. [see: “Future of Mental Healing“]

Will it be a Compassionate future?

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