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Toward a reality based on the human-being-as-is, with local and global implications in every human endeavor.

The main intended audience of this text is a consortium of possible collaborators.

Please also read: White Paper & Pitching with a focus on Lisa.

Please also read: Future of Mental Healing (hyper-hyperlinked)

Straight line

While keeping a straight line in openness, some might say I close doors to some. Possibly, while at the same time, more doors may open through this, and gradually more.

Look at it as related to what <you> want (or not). Think of a world you want to leave behind for the next generations.

About ‘global’

Indeed, we have interested contacts in five continents.

AureLisa is an interesting project for many people all over the world. It is conceived to reach people in-depth, where we all are pretty much recognizable to each other, in contrast to the surface level.

This way, the aim is also, very profoundly, to bring people together in planetarianism. In this vein, we are setting up the DailyTwinkles to Planetarianism project in several languages and social media platforms. With properly targeted branding and marketing, this can become one way of reaching/connecting/inviting people to the broader AureLisa project.

If you want to join us, you know where to find us.

General diagram AureLisa

Envisioned partners of the consortium

► Private insurance company (one per country)

  • roles of partner: initial investment through deal concerning Lisa first version(s) to clients; branding
  • roles of AureLisa: making Lisa available to these clients

► Patient support groups (several)

  • roles of partner: initial investment through deal concerning Lisa first version(s) to members; enabling first try-outs of Lisa demos; one or more members becoming donators
  • roles of AureLisa: involving these groups in communications; making Lisa available to them for a small fee

► Philanthropy (several)

  • roles of partner: financial enabler of initial developments
  • roles of AureLisa: keeping AurelisOnLine + app for free, making Lisa available for free to many poor people worldwide ― see White Paper

► Subsidiologist (one per country)

  • roles of partner: supporting search for subsidies in Belgium, Europe, worldwide
  • roles of AureLisa: cooperative efforts; payment for services

► Private investors (several)

  • roles of partner: initial investment; sustainability-minded
  • roles of AureLisa: ROI

► Psychotherapy thought leader (one per country)

  • roles of partner: navigating through the field of psychotherapies and psychotherapists/coaches; leading the way to AURELIS coaches
  • roles of AureLisa: providing coaching/therapy in three levels: Lisa stand-alone ― coaches ― AURELIS-coaches (+ Lisa)

► Human resource management thought leader (one per country)

  • roles of partner: guiding toward possible roles of AureLisa in companies/organizations
  • roles of AureLisa: developing Lisa toward such roles; coaching company coaches

► Board of medical specialists / university

  • roles of partner: scientific experiments using Lisa; reviews about the current state of psychosomatic medicine
  • roles of AureLisa: providing tools for managing studies; Lisa provides many data to be used in studies; position of adjunct-prof for mutual status

► Global speaking thought leader

  • roles of partner: support toward right contacts and procedures; mentoring
  • roles of AureLisa: lending part of my (Jean-Luc) time to global speaking; payment for services

► Social media marketing/branding thought leader (one per country)

  • roles of partner: supporting our marketing/branding, e.g. DailyTwinkles
  • roles of AureLisa: making DailyTwnkles into an ambitious project, bringing people together in-depth

► Religious thought leader (one per country)

  • roles of partner: keeping own religion, if any; deepening toward the common fundamental core
  • roles of AureLisa: putting Open Religion as a gentle slope toward the future by any means

► Literary agent (one per country)

  • roles of partner: finding proper editor(s) for AURELIS books and booklets in several languages
  • roles of AureLisa: making these books available

► Guided Imagery Organization (one per country)

  • roles of partner: opening AureLisa to members
  • roles of AureLisa: making products and services available to these

► Crowdfunding partner

  • roles of partner: setting up insightful campaigns
  • roles of AureLisa: investing time in making this a success; payment for services

► Leadership training thought leader (one per country)

  • roles of partner: contacts, joint writing
  • roles of AureLisa: ‘executive Lisa’ in an ecosystem of products and services

► Friends of Lisa

  • roles of partner: see Friends of Lisa = becoming part of a cooperative
  • roles of AureLisa: being Lisa

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