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AURELIS makes autosuggestion practically useful for everyone in an effective and non-aggressive way. Autosuggestion is targeted communication with the deeper self: the part of your mind that throughout the day influences your breathing, heart rate, digestion, as well as many other organic and non-conscious functions. The main areas are health and wellness.

AURELIS is based on a thoroughly justified philosophy of organic growth: the ‘spontaneous’ change as a complete person, not towards someone else but towards who you essentially always have been. Through this, a symptom does not disappear through attacking it, but by growing beyond it. Autosuggestion works best if you approach your deeper self for what it is: the most natural part of you, the part that is closest to the natural state. That is something that you can and may not force. You can only allow it to grow from itself. To accomplish this is an art. You are the artist and the artwork.

AURELIS relaxation is a diminishing of conflicting tensions within yourself. As a total person you come to lie on the same line as your own chosen goals.

In the name 'AURELIS’, the goal is comprised: through an appropriate combination of AUtosuggestion and RELaxation you evolve towards what is immensely important to your whole life: your own Inner Strength.