AURELIS Coaching is Open Therapy

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One may call it ‘fundamental’ psychotherapy. This is Open to the subconceptual level inside the coach and coachee.

As in Open Leadership, Open Religion, Open Mindfulness.

Not one more kind of psychotherapy

It is not just one more construct on top of the many but based on what underlies conceptual psychotherapy in general, being what happens at the subconceptual level of which the conceptual is a crystallization.

The latter leads to one construction or another, but always a construction. Conceptual psychotherapy is always a mapping of the underlying landscape. It is a scientifically well-known fact that none of these mappings is efficient by itself. You simply cannot do with a mapping what you can do with a landscape.

Apparently, crystallizations don’t work ― fluidity works. I guess this is because the latter is needed to make contact, and good contact is supportive toward provoking change, even lasting change.

His client’s voice

If, after successful therapy, clients are asked what made the therapy successful, they seldom refer to crystallization (the methodology). They mainly refer to the therapist’s fluid characteristics of empathy, congruence, etc.

They refer to the subconceptual elements of the therapy, not the conceptual ones.

That should not surprise anyone anymore.

Is fluidity enough?

I dare say so, although it also seems logical that, so to speak, a recipient is needed to carry the water. See The Water and the Jug.

Many researchers point to the necessity of formal psychotherapy as the carrier of the placebo effect. Indeed, there can be no placebo effect without a placebo. But it is not the placebo effect that is sought in AURELIS coaching ― only the Open side of the subconceptual, which can be found in empathy ― say, Compassion. Techniques are being used in AURELIS coaching, but these are always oriented to the coach, who is thereby the sole instrument toward the coachee.

PLUS autosuggestion and insights

On top of this, autosuggestive means can be brought through AurelisOnLine sessions. These also do not rely on the placebo effect but the direct – Open – communication at the subconceptual level. They are patterns made to make contact with the client’s patterns as invitations toward growth ― bringing change in the chosen direction.

In my view, the sessions and the coaching form an excellent combination. On top of this, the AURELIS project provides many insights ― at least, invitations for gaining insights.

These elements are internally and mutually consistent in their Openness.

Open therapy, not ‘a’ therapy

I hope I did an excellent job in creating this.

Soon, as an A.I.-driven coach-bot, Lisa will bring it all together in an individualized way to each user while also being congruent with every element.

All the doors are Open.

You’re welcome.

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