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August 8, 2022 AURELIS, Lisa No Comments

This is, as short as possible, what AureLisa is about.

Are you interested in participating in the AureLisa Global Consortium? This is what the project is about, basically:

  • People get ill in body and mind; therefore, they can heal through the same. Body and mind are not two separate parts, but two viewpoints on the same whole ― the human being. In most cases, both viewpoints are applicable. Which viewpoint is most effective, efficient, meaningful, and broadly important in each individual case?
  • To attain the best management, rationality and human depth are crucial together and to the core ― being the AureLisa USP. Unfortunately, this combination is scarce, leading to suboptimal solutions worldwide. The result is immensely costly in money, health, and human lives.
  • Many AURELIS tools have been developed. Lisa – Compassion-based self-learning A.I.-driven coaching chatbot – can merge it all within profound user experiences, stand-alone or embedded.
  • Lisa can also become a scientific tool that shows in Real World Evidence-mode the extent and modalities of mind involvement in many health issues, whether psychological or psychosomatic. This is bound to engender several revolutions in healthcare and beyond.
  • In the future, Lisa can be the good A.I. that saves us from bad A.I.

If you are interested, you know where to find us.

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