No Power without Compassion

September 12, 2021 AURELIS Syllabus No Comments

As an AURELIS coach, you may be of profound significance in the lives of others.

The others may be very grateful to you for this

and that is, of course, the most fun part of the job.  The pleasure is not to be despised, and it is also important to you and the coachees who will come to you in the future. Your deeper self naturally reacts to pleasure and will therefore be encouraged to ‘give itself’ so that it all happens spontaneously for you in the end. That’s the best way to help others.

So feel free to indulge in the fun of this.

You may (very much) appreciate yourself for this. That’s in everyone’s best interest.

But beware of the pitfall of an ego-like feeling of power over the coachee. With all AURELIS insights and tools, it is essential to be aware of this pitfall because you really have a lot of influence.

There is a huge difference between power (ego) and Power (total self).

The former can inflate itself almost endlessly (ego-inflation), but this does not lead to an ethical way of working.

Nor to being able to apply AURELIS coaching, which presupposes a humility of ego. It can’t do without this. Overlapping with the coachee, overflowing buckets, keeping ego walls low… are all incompatible with ego-power. You could delude yourself (and the coachee).

And that may happen faster than you know.

No Power without Compassion

It presupposes a total self to be able, as a total self, to use itself as an instrument through which you look beyond the surface, through which you see the ‘suffering of the world’ in depth.

Also, with which you can look through the symptomatic suffering at the underlying, ‘hidden’ heartache.

So: with which you can look through the superficial wishes to the more profound wishes.

It takes Compassion to mean anything in depth to anyone.

This Compassion is opposed to ego attachment.

One should let go of superficial desires, not to get rid of all desires, but to reach for the deeper and ever deeper ones.

As in a slow, slow falling.

And look, someone is being helped.

And if it’s good, it’s you who’s being helped. Then there is an ‘overlap’ of AURELIS coach and coachee, and healing of both.

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