Mindfulness, Lights and Glow

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One can understand ‘mindfulness’ in two different ways, which are distinguishable from each other in the metaphor of the ‘lights’ and the ‘behind the glow.’

These two ways are even opposed at this critical point, although they are two poles that also flow into each other.

 • mindfulness with primary attention to the lights

The underlying glow is, therefore, less visible (a kind of light pollution).

One has the illusion that the small lights are the origin of the shining of the light.

If the underlying glow is not recognized, it will not be nourished in the long run and will extinguish.

 • mindfulness with primary attention to the underlying glow

The underlying glow is, therefore, more visible.

One gains the insight that the incandescent lights are only transmitting the light. The light comes clearly from the glow.

The underlying glow is recognized and amplified.

The small lights themselves do not become any less important as a result. They do get less in the way. Actually, with a good understanding, you can see that the small lights just become more important because of this.

Meditation is looking directly at the underlying glow

to a greater or lesser extent, of course.

You cannot force this. You can invite it… and that’s what AURELIS is: an invitation to look at the underlying glow, based on a ‘preset’ from the deeper self (a symptom, a goal).

An AURELIS effect may therefore also be used to go to meditation. Please note: Of course, this does not make you enter meditation. You can prepare meditation. You can invite it. You can support it. You can’t pull it towards you.

An orientation to the underlying glow and not to the lights themselves, in any way, is already an excellent start. You can let the underlying glow ‘attract you so that the lights become less and less important anyway (during the meditation).

So AURELIS has a lot to do with ‘mindfulness’ in the second sense of the word.

If you understand it well, AURELIS IS this second form of ‘mindfulness.’

Today’s ‘mindfulness’ often does not clearly distinguish, or it is mainly or even wholly situated in the first meaning. The lack of clarity and the blending into one another mentioned above make it difficult to speak unambiguously about mindfulness in general.

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