AURELIS Syllabus

August 2, 2021 AURELIS Syllabus No Comments

This category contains blog texts that form one part of the AURELIS course towards becoming an AURELIS coach. You find all of them also under other categories.

This is necessary background information. Please read (some of) them if you are interested in becoming an AURELIS coach. There will be more in due time. A certified AURELIS coach needs to have read them all.

You can contact us for more information.

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Don’t Try ‘Here’ to be ‘There.’

Breaking out of mere-ego without leaving mere-ego… Oh, dear. The flower bud that absolutely wants to be an open flower, but cannot let go of the top of the flower bud. Oh, dear. This tension can grow very high. ‘h3ere’ trying to be ‘there,’ and at the same time trying to take ‘here’ with you, Read the full article…

Emotions and Consciousness

An emotion is, of course, always important. Yet, there is a whole gradation between ‘superficial’ and ‘deep.’ Deep as being what has more to do with more of you. But what this actually means is quite subtle. [see: “What is ‘Depth’?”] You can be aware of an emotion, but you cannot evoke an emotion with your consciousness alone. Read the full article…

Towards AURELIS Coaching

This is a direction, not an end-point, nor any point somewhere nearby.  It is a road to be traveled on while enjoying the landscape. No therapy In AURELIS, there is no attacking of any disease, nor symptom, be it mental or physical. The AURELIS aim is, where appropriate, to go deeper than the outer symptom Read the full article…

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