AURELIS Syllabus

August 2, 2021 AURELIS Syllabus No Comments

This category contains blog texts that form one part of the AURELIS course towards becoming an AURELIS coach. You find all of them also under other categories.

This is necessary background information. Please read (some of) them if you are interested in becoming an AURELIS coach. There will be more in due time. A certified AURELIS coach needs to have read them all.

You can contact us for more information.

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This is about almost becoming another human being without losing oneself. It is very normal. It is very special, indeed. ►►►WHY read this? The professional coach-coachee relationship will become one of the most interesting.◄◄◄ This is pretty much central to AURELIS-coaching. The identity function (‘=’) is more than about a relationship on equal footing. The Read the full article…

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A major misunderstanding that must be put to bed in the (Western) world: ‘detachment’ is NOT the having of control over one’s feelings and emotions, nor is it the loss or not having of feelings and emotions. “The detachment of a stone is not that of a human.” Having the ability to show some detachment Read the full article…

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