The Unimportance of Infinity

June 1, 2022 Ultimates No Comments

This doesn’t mean that the issue is unimportant ― quite the contrary. But infinity itself, as a concept, is about unimportance. Then, what has love got to do with it?

[This is an ‘Ultimates’ text. Please, don’t take it at face value.]

Infinity is an absurdity.

It cannot exist. Yet, any finite space or time can only exist within infinity. There cannot be a single point where it stops.

So, as a good start, the space and time – or space-time – we live in are also absurdities. In principle, they cannot exist. Yet, they do.

Something has to yield, and since it’s not abruptly at the end of the line, it must be over all the line. This is: finitude fades into infinity. This must happen from the start on, related to the observer.

Importance is a good candidate.

Going from the finite ever further leads to a fading out of importance for the observer. Thus, from each observer’s standpoint, indeed, infinity doesn’t exist. It fades out into unimportance ― as a profound thought. It is unimportant since the observer cannot reach that far starting from where he presently is, not even as a light beam.

Infinity doesn’t exist. It is ― as far as the observer is concerned.

But looking at this observer (right here; you, for instance) from another observer very far away, the same thing happens. From the same distance, this observer also fades out into unimportance.

You fade out from all sides since you are at infinity from all these sides.

Are you still there?

Meanwhile, hopping from observer to observer, things are different. In that sense, there cannot be finitude.

The total universe truly is infinite.

This has consequences. It means there was no big bang, nor a future ending, nor an outside the total universe in space ― only infinity, infinitely long.

The borders – if any – to observers are borders of unimportance.



Love overcomes these borders. Love doesn’t ask whether something is important to oneself. It transcends the unimportance.

Therefore, is love what brings us to infinity?

It’s a nice thought.

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