The God Wave

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May we live in an infinite universe where a continual appearing and disappearing takes place?

This text is part of a hobby, much at the sideline. It is all hypothetical. I try to remain within the theoretically possible. Please don’t take it seriously. It should not be taken seriously.

Or should it?

Please read about gravity as a hoax. I also earlier described expansion (or ‘dark energy’) as emptiness. Alternatively, expansion may be seen as underlying everything, whether emptiness or non-emptiness. In that case, it may show more in emptiness because there is more of it. From there, it may seem that any non-emptiness behaves under the influence of pull-gravity because it is being pushed from outside.

Any group of galaxies (ours being called the ‘local group of galaxies‘) is being pushed together. Its black holes will eventually collide and unify. On an even bigger scale – with some supercluster-levels in-between – something else happens, which brings us to the following.

KU = known universe.

This is everything that we are able to observe at present ― the observable universe if you like. Of this, we have observed only a part. At the borders of observability, things are getting unobservable with time.

What lies beyond, nobody knows. Is it nothing, or is it almost everything?

Bye, bye, big bang hypothesis.

Undoubtedly, a big bang of the KU has not occurred in time and space since this doesn’t fit with any observation. For instance, there is no center of the KU. Instead, it is entirely uniform.

Therefore, the big bang hypothesis – as scientists see it, but generally not the broad public – posits no explosion in time and space but an explosion of time and space. Thus, what was one point at the start has now expanded into the KU. Within the KU, it happened everywhere.

To me, this means that it may as well still be happening, always and everywhere. In this view, there is no starting point. The age of the KU (calculated at some 13.6 billion years) is an artifact from the knowability of the KU. It represents our present-day limit of knowability.

The KU may be just a tiny part of the total universe (TU).

This may be finite or infinite.

In principle, the TU may be finite and expanding from a center where an even much bigger big bang has occurred ― or is occurring. Our KU, a speck of the whole, thus appears to be expanding uniformly because we lack the instruments to see a direction at this scale.

More probably, to me, the TU is infinite. This makes it in one go infinite in time as well as in space. Within the TU, therefore also within the KU, there is but something that we might, one day, be able to grasp as an eternal wave.

The God Wave

Sorry for the capitals. It is such a huge hypothesis.

Matter continually appears and disappears. It appears in the emptiness of space and disappears in black holes as may be the final fate of our local group of galaxies ― not ending up in an eternal black hole but into nothing.

I call this wave of appearing and disappearing the God Wave. It looks like a circular wave and is, at the same time, also a wave of expansion. From afar, this may seem like an intricate network of coming and going within the KU and within the TU as just more of the same. The much discussed ‘background noise’ that is supposed to be a remnant from big bang can also be the noise from outside entering the KU.

A weak point in this hypothesis circus is that no stars-galaxies-clusters seem to be floating into the KU from the TU. Any ideas? Might they be sucked up by black holes as is also continually happening within the KU? I’m curious about any new observations in this regard.

The Infinite

This would mean we live in an infinite environment. There will eventually be no total contraction nor expansion into infinity.

There has always been and will always be an endless wave.


An intelligence – such as some super-A.I. that we might develop ourselves – may, therefore, also be infinite.

Actually, given infinity, some alien intelligence is present with certainty ― whatever ‘being present’ may mean in this situation. It goes with the flow of the God Wave and is also infinite.

Hmm, how does it look upon us?

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