The Real Power of a World Model

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A world model is not only a model of the world. It is also a model that comes from the world (the world in a certain model) and that can act upon an individual in a very powerful way. First of all, dear reader, it can act upon you too.

Allow me to be very direct, I mean: without a lot of subtleties or detours or this and that. Bearing in mind that I also know that this is rather crude work.

Crude work. That’s what world models often are. Such a model is not always a lot of thoughtful, balanced argumentation or fine feelings.

A world model that is little concerned of total-humanity, even has a powerful advantage. It just rumbles ahead.

The more the total person is NOT taken into account, the more powerful this advantage becomes, paradoxically, just by being supported by the people who are being abused by it. They are increasingly being placed in the same direction and in the long run they won’t be able to do without it.

Additionally: as the world model plays into the hands of ego structure, it will find it most important follower within man, at the expense of that same man as a total person. You would actually become a little cynical…

If you look at it evolutionarily then it is logical

that the most powerful world model pops up above the others, regardless of whether this is also the most rational, sensitive or deep-humanitarian.

And that is exactly what we have got on our plate: a world model that does not lead to re-ligation, but to dissociation. ‘Divide et impera‘. The Romans already took advantage of it, but it goes way beyond our Roman legacy. It is pretty much everywhere. E.g. in a fussy television commercial:

“Eat this yogurt and you will be as happy as these people here. Just look.”

“Wash your clothes whiter than white and all will be well. For only €35.”

The message is: “you can get control of yourself and others, from your ego, simple and superficial (what an ego is)

without keeping in mind the deeper layers. ” Egos look at the advertising, absorb the message (because they like nothing better than that) and they more and more convince themselves that they are ‘boss of their own mind’. A boss is not a leader, of course, and certainly not in his own home. Result:

Dissociation becomes bigger and bigger.

Frustration becomes bigger and bigger.

Superficiality becomes bigger and bigger.

And because of this also: being at the mercy of this mechanism itself becomes bigger and bigger.

And because of this also: the fear of ‘the other’ becomes bigger and bigger.

And because of this also: the urge to get others in the same line, becomes bigger and bigger.

 This last point: all the time, in all kinds of ways, to sum up:

“It cannot.” – all sorts of things show themselves as if it cannot be.

“It should not.” – all sorts of things show themselves as if it should not be.

“it’s not.” – all sorts of things show themselves as if it is not.

“It’s nothing different than what I already knew, so: away with the bathwater (and the baby out with it).

It’s always something, but one thing is constant: a world model that is based on man-as-he-is, which means the total person, is getting a rough deal in some places. For example:

“The reality is that people are selfish…”

“The reality is that people want to be cheated on …”

“The reality is that it is ‘every man for himself’ in this world.”

Well yes, that’s all true … when people ensure that it is true. And vice versa as well.

You can also see a world model as a large wave in which people make something be ‘true’.

However, what is NOT true, is that you are left at its mercy just like that. The latter is itself an idea that is part of… a particular world model. Well, that makes it of course logically less evident to ‘escape’ it. It’s like a prisoner who is actually imprisoned in nothing but his own idea. This is again strongly linked to Plato’s cave.

The AURELIS-world model is different from the traditional model.

Probably this is obvious to you at the moment. And perhaps you may feel how the AURELIS-world model actually is, all things considered, closer to what a man is, closer to who you are. And as a result you may also better feel the power of the common world model, which is based on dissociation and ego, rather than on re-ligation and total self.

There are of course different evolutions ongoing, but au fond the dissociating is enormously spreading, hidden behind what otherwise shows itself differently. Personally, I (JLM) am not pessimistic in this area, but a bit anxious. Where is this going to?

Dear reader, I would like to give you a cautious and respectable warning: beware.

(I am not referring to bad faith, but rather to a spineless mechanism.)

Beware of the many ways in which someone, who might show some reduction of dissociation, may afterwards be pushed to adapt himself again. You can compare it to a stream.

Who goes with the flow, gets a strong wind at his back. Those who stand still for a while, however, will quickly experience the power of the flow.

And that happens in many ways, many small things (which together make a great) at the same time

“Is it worth the effort?”

is a question that only you can answer.

I recommend to answer this question as well and as clearly as possible. What is not obvious at all. But with a half-and-half answer you risk a problem of disunity. With a clear answer you are going along with the flow OR you are going to stand next to it. Alone maybe, but, as you will notice, NOT lonely! It may sound a bit harsh, but it’s better to just go with the flow, than to fight too long in a half-and-half state. Flow along until you feel you will – hopefully – come to a point of decision again. You’re doing both me and yourself a favor if you then think back to this text and also to all you will still may experience and what indicates you who you are.

At least you will know that you actually have a choice.

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