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December 24, 2022 Sociocultural Issues No Comments

Can people from different cultures sufficiently understand each other to contribute significantly to the intercultural exchange of profound communications?

In other words, does planetarianism presently make a chance?

If so, will it make the world a better place?

Toward a certain future

I believe that people from any culture can evolve in their capability of profound intercultural communication. Besides, we may not have an alternative if we want to survive as a species.

Thus, it is best to strive for it as a certainty. This certainty is made possible by all who confidently believe in it. At least, such a certainty works as an effective autosuggestion.

In-depth, seriously

This is not the time or place to beat around the bush. ‘Human depth’ may, to many humans, be pretty vague as a concept, or they may not believe in it or think it’s just something for poets. Taken seriously, however, it may be humanity’s most important asset.

So, what will it be?

I believe in the crucial importance of human depth.

People from different cultures profoundly overlap, even though this contrasts with the immense diversification of cultures at the surface level. Most clarifying in this is Compassion ― say, depth in communicating with and caring for others as for oneself.

In person, through the Internet, and through works of literature from many different cultures, I have come to see Compassion as crucial everywhere and to everyone. Even if nothing else binds us, this would be enough.

Compassion is crucial to people’s understanding of each other’s depth despite their differences.

Thus, for planetarianism to succeed, it is mandatory to invite Compassion. This is by far not evident. My endeavor to support this is the ‘DailyTwinkles to Planetarianism’ project.

On the other hand, Compassion breeds Compassion. People who feel it may be glad to contribute. I hope there will be enough to make that project a big success. If so, we will have a global community of like-minded, Compassion-oriented people. That is worth the effort, isn’t it?

If it all succeeds, this community may even have some profound influence on several sociocultural issues.

Mediation may be needed.

The intended intercultural communication will undoubtedly come with quite a few challenges.

Transformative mediation will, therefore, be needed for sure. This has the dual goals of personal growth and more profound communication. In the project mentioned above, much will hopefully be learned about how to accomplish this interculturally. The lessons will regularly engender blogs.

A warned person is worth two.

It’s good to warn people about the intercultural challenge, which may be experienced as an opportunity to grow in many ways and to the advantage of everybody.

I see in it a lot of ‘energy’ (human deep motivation) becoming available all over the planet. Will this be turned into excellence?

Exciting times.

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