One Future, One World

August 13, 2021 Sociocultural Issues No Comments

At present, a dream, although an awakened one. Without striving for it, it will never happen. So, let’s dream and strive.

I cannot imagine a distant future without far-reaching unity.

Hopefully, there will be many diverse cultures and always a lot to discover.

Hopefully, these cultures will recognize that we are all very much the same human creatures in-depth. The feeling of ‘we’ may then encompass everyone ― no need for ‘the enemy’ to accomplish this.

Science will be unifying.

One future, one truth to be discovered through an endeavor that will be the inheritor of what we presently call science. It may still be called such but be pretty much different. In medicine, for instance ― wow! Will there be some ‘Aurelian’ insights?

Psyche and body will be seen as fundamentally one in this one science.

Religion will be unifying.

Of course, this should already be the case very much right now. There is no reason for many competing religions except human stupidity.

Logically, abstracting all religions to one, this will be an open religion. Will it be Open Religion? In that case, it will be perfectly congruent with the one science. Actually, it will be the same thing ― as rational as it will also be profound and poetic.

Politics will be unifying.

At the surface, politics may be about politicians and parties, ideologies, and trying to grab maximum personal benefit through any of these.

In-depth, politics is about ethics.

There is a scientifico-religious way to look at ethics. This leads to caring and, even further down the road, to Compassion. There, it stops while it transcends everything else.

Right and left may be present in politics forever but hardly relevant.

State and church and science

They will all not only be unifying; they will also be one. So will be any other field within human society, taking care also of other sentient beings in a realistically Compassionate way.

This oneness will be realized in a kaleidoscope of thoughts and feelings and deeper awareness.

And A.I.?

It will also be Compassionate ― at least if there are still humans.

Dream on!

Yes, I will.

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