Global Madness is Today

June 25, 2022 Planet & People, Sociocultural Issues No Comments

If you feel like this world is growing in madness, you may be right. Sometimes, it seems like the madness is getting World War proportions ― again.

The first World War in two stages shows that it is possible to start in an unexpecting environment. Without doomsday thinking, we should also not put it aside today.

As you may read in many of my blogs, the outer madness comes from inner dissociation, like an overflowing bucket of water. I don’t see this as an excuse. We should know better.

Global madness

West, East, North, South, from Russia to South Africa and from the US to China, there is no part of the world where people generally behave in what a civilized E.T. (extraterrestrial, alien) would probably see as rationally ‘humane.’ Everywhere, such an alien would see conduct that is far from our human potential ― up to people killing each other in droves, up to people not caring for millions even if they could easily do so.

What’s our alien have to think of all this. He must think we’re mad for sure.

Being used to madness?

This text is a plea for never getting used to it. It’s not because it’s ubiquitous that it should be seen as ‘normal’ in any other way but statistically.

It’s not normal at all. It’s atrocious. The world should stop turning around until most of the madness is resolved. There should be no comfortable numbness, no active denial of the horrors inflicted in many ways on men and women, children and adults.

The outrage should reach the sky and higher!

Part of the madness is not seeing it.

Part of the not-seeing lies in the not wanting to see ― madness by itself. This may make one think of the “We didn’t know what was happening” after WW II. In any case, this time, ‘we’ may know perfectly well if ‘we’ care to look. In any case, this time, there is no excuse at all.

Does it surprise you to see me ranting like this? Well, then, I will keep doing so now and again. To someone who reads this in a distant future – you never know – with this, I voice my abhorrence.

Meanwhile, the daily news is daily floating by

as if in another universe, showing madness as if happening in a little box ― a different box for each kind of entertainment. Or, the sports news follows, to many people as a dessert after the main dish ― the prelude to an emotionally comfortable evening.

Every day some other news. People quickly get bored.

This may well be what people want, but it doesn’t diminish any madness. On the contrary, it makes people feel as if the madness itself is alien to them. Always, somehow, in past and present, insanity needs to be kept far from ‘normalcy.’

But it isn’t, as it has never been.

The only way to evolve beyond is to acknowledge this fully, to not take it for granted.

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