Do Not Feign Depth

May 1, 2021 Sociocultural Issues No Comments

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Group Thinking

The French term ‘pensée unique’ is frequently used for what is actually ‘pensée de groupe’ (group thinking). This is a human inclination with dire consequences but which can be overcome through proper support and personal effort. This is related to a quite natural human inclination. In many cases, your brain (thus: you) doesn’t readily like Read the full article…

How Long will Humanism Stay Asleep?

Many global problems will only become worse if this basic philosophical issue doesn’t get resolved in most people’s minds. It’s as – immensely! – crucial as that. Also, as simple as that. Another tradition may explain. ‘Buddha’ literally means ‘the awakened.’ [see: “Buddha-Nature“] In modern scientific terms, this means awakening from the dual Cartesian dream. Read the full article…

The Real Power of a World Model

A world model is not only a model of the world. It is also a model that comes from the world (the world in a certain model) and that can act upon an individual in a very powerful way. First of all, dear reader, it can act upon you too. Allow me to be very Read the full article…

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