Being a Hero

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Daring to be as little vulnerable as possible. Then, if need be, daring to be vulnerable. I fail in both directions miserably.

[see: “Daring to Be Vulnerable“] [see: “Don’t Be Vulnerable”]

‘Hero’ in a rather narrow sense.

The term can be used in a much broader sense, ‘heroic’ being anything admirable. That’s great. It’s not what is meant in this text.

One can be a hero for one act that shows what’s inside that person. It comes out when the situation demands it. Then you rise to the occasion and do your thing. It can last for a short time or for years.

It’s the stuff for which people get a medal sometimes.

Loved ones may be proud.

Communities, large or small, may be happy to have a hero in their midst.

Please, let people be proud and happy.

There is a lot of good in it for children having a role model. Aren’t they yearning for one? Do not all children deserve one in their parents?

There is much good in others not being jealous and in the hero’s not bragging about anything. Specifically, in this, one can see what a hero looks like inside.

The hero inside

What really makes one are not so much his outer actions as what they come from, the inner constitution. That is what it’s really about, what one can see in the hero also when there are no lives to be saved.

It is a specific combination of humility and value, one that is generally much underestimated.

In my view, it’s a ‘heroic’ combination in any case, one that engenders a hero in due time. In fact, life regularly gives occasions for a hero to act as one.

Now for the magical combination:

Humility in ego, infinite value in total-person

This is at the center. It may look easy. It is one of the most challenging things ever to accomplish.

Being the highest and the lowest at the same time ― OK, with some exaggeration, but nevertheless.

Every person is infinitely valuable. You too.

The heroic voyage in mythology

… is also always about this. There are no dragons in this world, nor have there been in human history. The dragon that gets slain is the one inside. The hero is the one inside. Also the ‘damsel in distress’ is the one inside.

The adventure is one of strength and vulnerability, and bravery in both ― in other words: where we came from in this text. In the myth, ego and total-person both lie in how the hero acts towards the other elements, or doesn’t. Then it also lies in how the other elements are acting.

The hero prevails if he knows how to gather and orient his strength. He returns to the kingdom loitered, grown, and can do a lot of good.

Loved ones are proud; communities are happy.

Life is good.

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