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In AURELIS philosophy, the societal – systemic – impact is crucial. The individual is seen in totality, as an in-dividuum. Precisely through this, overlap with other in-dividua is natural, efficient, and vital.

►►► WHY read this?  Working on yourself in openness is the best you can do for others, and what others can do for you. ◄◄◄

Individual and society

You may be specifically interested in whether AURELIS can have a social impact. Understandably,  because through social impact, changes last within whole groups. As a physician, I rather start from the individual case. But I am also specialized in Occupational Medicine, which opens one to the social impact of healthcare. Also, I think that social impact is generally significant indeed.

Straightforwardly, I see a bidirectional influence between individuals and society. Individuals eventually make society, and society also influences individuals in complex ways. A society is a complex structure, which means that its impact is irreducible to the sum of the impacts of the individual elements (les citoyens).

AURELIS Social Impact

There are several levels of such an impact. Since we live in corona-times, we can use it as an example. To be even more concrete, we can look at the possible impact of the AURELIS-app, especially in combination with Lisa-on-app:

  • The most direct influence can be on the individual progression of COVID (the disease, not the virus). I have written extensively about this. For instance, [see: “MINDING CORONA“]. Since this can be used by many people simultaneously, it can relieve the burden of illness of many patients. If this way, COVID becomes flue-like, there is no need for a lock-down. The economy is saved.
  • Whether the use of the app can also diminish infectivity? Logically, it’s possible. That would be an additional relief of the need to lock up and lock-down.
  • AURELIS is quite different from a medicine of war (enemy: illness, weapon: medication). The striving is always to let people attain their Inner Strength, the main goal of AUREL-IS. Do this with many people, from inside out, they will have an impact on society. Even an ‘essential change’ can be envisioned with a rippling effect on many domains. Note that the AURELIS-app is for free and accessible to all. Note also that Lisa will be able to support many people simultaneously. [see: “Lisa“]
  • This third level flows into the fourth level, with impact through the complexity of society itself. This way, here too and positively, the impact will be more substantial than that of the sum of the individual elements. This brings a positive influence on the ‘Streaming Underneath.’ [see: “Streaming Underneath“]

In the negative, the fourth level can also be seen as causal to social mishap. Unfortunately, this is direly relevant in corona-times. Here, the streaming underneath turns into a whirlpool of the virus, many elements of stress, anxiety, and immune reactions turn around each other, provoking a surprisingly strong current in which lives and livelihoods may drown (again). [see: “COVID-Whirlpool“] We got it once and we are probably going to witness it again unless we take notice.


Because of this social impact, there is also definitely a social responsibility. In AURELIS, you can find this explicitly as the striving for a synthesis of rationality and depth. [see: “AURELIS USP: ‘100% Rationality, 100% Depth’”] One can find another take in the AURELIS ethical values of openness, depth, freedom, respect, and trust(worthiness). [see: “Five Aurelian Values”] This is held very seriously. A few examples:

  • Any meditation is not enough to be Aurelian. What-is-called-meditation is sometimes in opposition to all these values.
  • Trustworthiness and rationality combine into a radical choice for science-in-progress. Science is of the utmost importance to AURELIS and will always be so. ‘Lisa’ will play a crucial role in this. [see: “Is Lisa the Durable Answer?”] This way, AURELIS can have an impact on future science as part of the social fabric.
  • One of the five ethical values is openness (preferably with capital). This points to the openness of any complex system, such as any human being, and society in general. In all texts, I prefer to speak about open-complex systems. Openness and complexity naturally go together. If you try to close down a complex system, it is at risk of withering like a plant without water or sunshine. Also, a sclerotized culture will break down after a while.

Natural growth

AURELIS stands for change-from-inside-out and natural growth. Thus, not for change-from-outside-in, not for being-changed. At least, and only if necessary, the being-changed is the last resort. People should stay who they are and, like anything in nature, grow into even more who they are to become, naturally.

Also at the society level, the aim is not for a culture that stands opposed to nature. A culture should respect nature, and support it, while always staying human-centered. This lack of opposition is, logically, the most sustainable way. [see: “Sustainability From Inside Out”] It’s something we are finding out in many domains. AURELIS adds to this the from-inside-out.

This way, medicine becomes a medicine of peace.

[see: “Medicine of war. Medicine of peace.”]

Even so, or especially so when we are ‘waging war with a virus.’ In this, the from-inside is direly needed. The from-outside is also important, and we see things happening, but barely enough.

Thus, even more, we should bring the from-inside to the fore as much as possible.


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