38. Winter of 2021: COVID Winter AGAIN!?

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Some evolutions worry me into thinking that next winter will be a hard one again, in which the COVID whirlpool will again be relevant in Europe, certainly worldwide.

[see: “COVID-Whirlpool – In Which Virus AND Mind Play Substantial Roles”]

COVID-19 is a psycho-somatic disease.

I’m sorry to have to repeat this:

The virus-related experts everybody listens to are somatic. Since it is a psycho-somatic disease, these are the wrong experts, from the start onwards.

Of course, virologists etc. are needed. Equally needed are psycho-somatic experts.

Viral shift versus drift

Every virus, seen as the whole of individual viral elements of that species, evolves continuously in the sense of minor changes as well as bigger ones. These can be seen as steps and jumps. The difference is quite arbitrary. New viral variants are mostly the results of jumps. At present, for instance, Western Europe sees the rise of the delta-variant.

Through steps and jumps, the virus eventually becomes so much changed that specific vaccinations lose their power. The immune system doesn’t recognize the virus anymore. Gradually, we need a new vaccination.

The more steps the virus takes, the smaller the jump needed to reach this stage. The more the virus gets dispersed also, the easier it finds its way towards change in the direction of higher infectiousness and vaccine-resistance.

End result: We will see more variants evolving towards vaccine-resistance at a quicker than expected pace. We will need a new vaccination quicker than expected. What with worldwide infectiveness between vaccinations? Will we end up in an endless rat race?

The genie in the vaccine

How big is the placebo-factor of COVID-vaccinations? I’ve delved into this question before. [see: “Vaccine or Vaccination?“]

Placebo comes as a factor of pattern recognition and completion. [see: “Placebo and the Predictive Brain”] Part of the pattern is the viral element as recognized by the immune system. Mental elements form another part. The whole is like a genie in a bottle that appears when the bottle is treated in a certain way.

If the bottle itself changes, the genie (placebo effect) appears less easily, impacting the turning of the whirlpool.

End result: The placebo-factor of COVID-vaccinations may diminish in a non-linear way, thus also additionally the power of vaccinations, quicker than expected. This depends on the height of the placebo effect, of which at present, we know little to nothing. We’ve seen this more-rapid-than-expected pace several times before.

One can foresee in both cases that the quicker-than-expected pace plays a higher role in developing countries/regions with lower vaccination grades to start with. New variants will mainly come from these regions.

With an additional question: Will people be motivated to get the nth vaccination in view of the quicker-than-expected?

Big Pharma is not to blame,

let alone the people working there.

With one remark: They should keep thinking, also out of the viral box. They may say this is not their job. Well, who’s job is it? Please tell me!

Still waging war

We’re waging war where we shouldn’t because, within that war, we ourselves are part of what we are waging it against.

The war that is waged here is one exponent of what is happening in many fields, although in a hidden way. It’s a war inside. [see: “The Battle of the Future”]

When are we going to transcend this? When, more broadly, is modern humanism going to wake up? [see: “How Long will Humanism Stay Asleep?“]

What is needed to open your eyes, prof. Braeckman, prof. Benedetti, and so many others involved?

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