Where is Causal Research on Mind in COVID?

March 13, 2021 Minding Corona No Comments

It is nowhere. Yet the human mind may be half of the story through social nocebo, etc. If possible, please join this scientific group at ResearchGate, or ask interested scientists to join.

One year into the pandemic, the human mind is still absent in the causal story as well as strictly COVID therapy at any level. This is utterly amazing since it could have made a huge difference and still can to many people and the economy worldwide. At least, it should be properly investigated. Meanwhile, what is happening is the result of an interplay between the virus and the immune system. The latter is heavily intermingled with the mind, as is proven by much scientific research. Most people who die from COVID-19 do so more through an overreaction from the immune system than through viral overload. The mind is never far away. This is a viro-immuno-psycho-sociological disease.

During the past year, I have delved into many aspects of the mind-COVID interplay, theoretically and using the studies on medications and vaccinations. The most pertinent question now: How big is the placebo-effect (or diminishment of social nocebo) of COVID vaccinations? Since the focus has never been put on the mind (not in the studies, nor in epidemiology), we have no idea, and that is dangerous.

Note that this is not an anti-vax endeavor — quite the contrary. But neither should we succumb to an anti-mind endeavor. Scientific studies can clarify the mind-COVID subject. Until now, (almost) zero has been done. The single small study that I know of (Ramezani et al., April 2020) was positive.

One can easily look through the mind and not see it. It’s mainly a question of focus. Always taking the focus away from the same thing – be it mind or anything else – is the least scientific one can do. Objectivity demands not a narrow view on the mind but a broad view on the whole. Anything less is inhumane.

We are looking for researchers who can acknowledge this and want to cooperate towards making this an impactful project. We strive for necessary scientific research. Are you interested and at ResearchGate? Then please join this group: https://www.researchgate.net/project/Minding-Corona. No academic input is required from you, although appreciated. If you are not at ResearchGate, then you may know an interested scientist. You can still download the project’s articles and book (Minding Corona) for free. IF the human mind shows to be substantially involved, we can make an immense difference on COVID. If you want the research to be realized, then please forward this message.

Moreover, this can bring the mind into the causal picture regarding much more in the medical domain, as much scientific research of the highest level is backing up already. It should be reckoned with. We owe that to ourselves and our children.

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