Open Letter to Leadership in Second Wave of Corona

July 24, 2020 Minding Corona No Comments

A second wave in the US and Europe is almost inevitable. Of course, let’s not forget the rest of the world, especially the countries with much fewer resources.

Much can be done to alleviate it if not only the virus is looked at, but also the human being. We urgently need to dare to question ourselves. This is not easy. Will it happen?

Problem: A turbo whirlpool is not being seen.

Solution: making this visible and acting upon it.

This year we fell into a whirlpool in which the non-conscious aspect of the human mind individually and collectively played an important role. Every day, this aspect affects our breathing, our heart rate, digestion, immune responses (significant nowadays!), And even what we think consciously. This has been thoroughly scientifically studied in recent decades. Its importance has been extensively demonstrated also in the health field (*).

The miserable complications of the first COVID wave are far from over or even mapped out on health, economic, and social-political level. What’s more, if we don’t act appropriately, we fall into the same whirlpool again. A second wave can get even worse. For economic reasons, for example, countries will postpone a new lockdown, making it even more severe. See the US, already now, even in the summertime. People, perhaps especially young people, also become tired of motivation. The motivation for social distancing then becomes an increasingly severe problem. Sneezing months come in the autumn, therefore not so much by, but with corona. Will you let your kids go to school? Then winter comes. In 2020, we barely escaped the worst corona months (January, February, March). There is no certainty in this, but ‘only’ a high probability. See also Dr. Adam Kucharski of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: “A second wave is almost inevitable, particularly as we go towards the winter months.” ( These are also influenza months, so a double shot, hopefully with a useful vaccine (?). On the plus side, a mouth mask, if used of course, also offers some protection against the flu. A double incentive to wear one.

We tumbled blindly in this last time, and I see it happening again. Think of the virus as a stress virus that has found a new niche of specifically stressed organisms: us. The real whirlpool is hardly seen, but the disastrous consequences are. Financial experts speak of an economic meltdown in the second wave of at least the same size. Well then. It is almost certain if we remain blind to the deeper aspects of ourselves. The first wave came surprisingly rapidly because of the whirlpool phenomenon. Because of the same principle, things have been improving surprisingly rapidly in Europe over a few weeks – also virologists were amazed – but will also return surprisingly rapidly. As the year progresses, each flare carries more risk. Should we break through this? That, I fear, means grossly underestimating the full force of the whirlpool. Virologists are experts in virology, but not in mind-body medicine. I am. And I wonder, what is the plan for the economic recovery after the next wave?

This is how it works: the different physical and mental elements of the whirlpool reinforce each other like a kind of turbo that catches on, and before you know it, the control is lost (again). So it is obvious that we have to take into account what is being ignored too much, namely ourselves as a natural organism with non-conscious mind-body aspects. More than enough is known in research, theoretical and experimental, to demonstrate the importance of this. What shall it be? Two choices:

We don’t take into account the sub-conceptual, therefore who we are -> second wave -> meltdown?

We do -> challenging. A second wave may still be avoided.

It would be sad to look at the wreck afterward and only then realize what we missed. Much can still be done for the better, but it needs to be done now. From my expertise – as a doctor, master in cognitive science and AI, and Ph.D. in medicine (aspect ‘mind-body unity’) – I see that the situation is ultra-dangerous, probably even more dangerous than what we have already experienced in the above three areas.

Practically: MINDING CORONA is my book about this, available on Amazon, and offered as an e-book almost for free. I also developed an app as a directly usable tool; it is entirely free, to be found as the ‘Aurelis’ app on GooglePlay and Apple app-stores. The app assumes openness to use. Otherwise, it’s like an aspirin you stick to your head: doesn’t work. It has to come in. But if this openness is applied, it can save lives. Within AI, with the necessary help, more can be developed over a period of months. Even then, it is, of course, not a miracle cure.

Full certainty does not exist in science. Given all circumstances, it is essential to consider the Minding Corona premise, at least. If it were a pill for which there were as many clues, there would be billions of dollars spent on research and development. Now, nothing. However, it is about who we are, the deeper in ourselves, including the most important part of ourselves. Moreover, in this case, it would be an opportunity to appreciate this, with immense repercussions inside and outside health care. Despite everything, the present moment would mean something positive. Time is running out, I think, not just for the virus.

Research and development from the Minding Corona premise can go in many directions. Whoever wants to help in any way can contact us at


(*) I wrote a book about it, Your Mind as Cure, with hundreds of medical, scientific references. This starts with the scientific vision of the human being in mind-body unity. This unity occurs partly consciously (you read this text, for example), partly non-consciously (also while reading). In other words, roughly: prose and poetry. A rational understanding is necessary for a better future, in the long and, unfortunately, also in the short term.

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