The Future of the COVID Story

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July 31, 2020

[see also: “Only ‘Control’ + COVID-Whirlpool = DISASTER“]


I started writing MINDING CORONA in March, with 12 points. They’re still valid. After five months, of course, we know a bit more about the future. So, I can recapitulate and see what is bound to happen.

The near future is grim. Not wanting to see it doesn’t make it less grim. Looking at it straight on helps to find additional solutions that can make a huge difference.

In 12 bullet points, very succinctly

  • The COVID-virus is here to stay, principally forever.
  • It will hardly attenuate, since it has no reason to, contrary to other viruses.
  • There will be very many long-term health complications.
  • A proper vaccine is bound to be available around mid-2021. Don’t expect it to be a miracle cure.
  • Medical treatment will ameliorate over the years. Till then, we have to get used to face masks.
  • In developing countries, the misery will continue much longer and take many more deaths. due to COVID and other diseases, hunger, and general lack of resources.
  • We are flying on one wing, namely the conceptual one, looking mainly at the virus as an enemy.
  • The other wing (our mind) is very much a burden at present. Not seeing the COVID-whirlpool, there are dangerous surprises ahead.
  • We can make this other wing into a VERY POSITIVE ASSET right now. [see: “Free App to Relieve COVID”]
  • If we don’t, there will be from now on more deaths in the future than in the past.
  • In that case, the economic consequence of what will be is bound to be harsher than of what has been.
  • Artificial Intelligence carries much promise towards further support in using our second wing.

As to mind-body-unity and all the ramifications of implications, it’s as if we are still in an era of pre-science. No more than two centuries ago, the regular medicine of that time was still very much into blood-letting, leeches, enemas, scarifications… in a theory of four humours that has since been entirely surpassed. Good! Imagine being a physician back then but with the knowledge of now. Hm. As to the mind, at present, we still have a very, very long way to go. Might COVID be an occasion to warp us towards a future of better science also in this domain?

Do you want to help in this endeavor? Then please take contact.

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