Masked Poetry

July 25, 2020 Minding Corona No Comments


For the doctors and nurses

Who give more than ever you can

Please put on your mask.


For the beauty of eyes

That are looking at a beautiful world

From right above a mask,


For your parents and grandparents

Who want to keep getting your love

Keep on that face mask.


For your children and grandchildren

For a future we all want to

Live in without any mask,


For the caregivers in homes

Who do not deserve the next wave

Keep wearing your face mask.


For those you don’t know

Who suffer in a much poorer world

Wearing a quite different mask,


For a friendly new world

For seeing each other more deeply inside

Don’t take off your mask.


For a merciful Compassionate God

Whom you may happen to believe in

Asking to wear this mask,


For these misguided viruses even

Who never have wanted to hurt anyone

They too want your mask.


For the people I love

And want to touch again pretty soon

Don’t ever forget that mask.


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