Free App to Relieve COVID – The Second Wing Towards Healing

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We have developed an app, free to everyone, that can alleviate a huge amount of human suffering related to COVID. You can find it in Google and Apple app stores as ‘Aurelis’ app.

Feel free to download. Please share this post with your friends.

You also find a link to the app and some more background at

For a visualization of the COVID-whirlpool, and if you want to cooperate in any way, [see: “Are you Interested in Making the Future Together?”].

To bring this to as many people as possible, in as many languages as possible, as quickly as possible, we can certainly use your help. Besides this, the best help you can give is by using the app yourself if you ever need it.

Not being able to do more pains me daily. Just look at the numbers.

COVID is not only a viral disease.

It is, in the first place, a mind-body condition. Of course, the virus is real. So are you. What happens during COVID is mainly an interplay between the virus and your defense systems, mainly immunological.

And if one says ‘immune system,’ one says ‘mind.’ Outside of medicine, many people think that the immune system and the central nervous system are two separate systems within the human body. In reality, they are deeply intermingled. Immune cells and neurons even make physical contact with each other as neurons do to other neurons. That’s for a reason.

Many people think that the mind and body are two separate systems. In reality, there is only one system with ‘mind’ and ‘body’ being two ways to look upon this one system. The central nervous system may play the biggest role, but the body is involved in many ways. If you are really interested in this, you might read Your Mind as Cure. Anyway, from this to seeing the possible impact of mind over COVID lies a short distance. That’s what the Aurelis app is about.

Mental immersive exercises

This app contains mental exercises and supportive information.

How it works: It doesn’t. At least not in the way of some medication, which it isn’t. It would be mind-boggling to think or talk about it or use it that way. This being said, you can see it as a key to the door that leads to your Inner Strength. I write these two words with capitals not because there is something supernatural involved. On the contrary, it is very natural: nature within you. In many situations, including COVID, this may diminish the harmful strength of the whirlpool. This may be enough to either not get caught in it, or heighten the chance to get out of it with less damage.

So little with such huge consequences?

Well, it’s relatively little, but please don’t underestimate the know-how of years that has gone into the exercises as a whole and in detail. Also involved is clear ethics combining rationality and human depth. [see: “AURELIS USP: ‘100% Rationality, 100% Depth’“]. This combination is, within AURELIS, always of utmost importance. You may have confidence in this. It’s all the way through.

So, with relatively little, a lot can be accomplished. But nothing magical. The app will not keep the virus out of your body. It will not have any direct impact whatsoever upon the virus. But it will have an impact on how your body-mind-unity reacts to the virus. That’s at least already half of the story.

Imagine being present effectively somewhere outside of a whirlpool. You are quite near the whirlpool, but you don’t see it for what it is. You see and fear the possible consequences. You know that something is there that can have a devastating effect upon you. It may even kill you. Of course, what you should avoid then is to step right into it. Without guidance, this may be precisely what many people do and what you also are at risk of doing. Your moves are crucial.

Imagine, unfortunately, getting into it and suffering the consequences.

Then imagine, with the proper guidance that this app can provide you, moving into the other direction. You are saved!

So, what is the difference?

In principle, not much in what you just did. You went one way or another. Yet, in consequence, the difference is immense.

Even if you are already within the whirlpool, not all is lost. Hopefully, excellent physicians will help you to get out of it. Besides that, this app can support you from a very different angle. It would be best if you used all the support you can get. One should not stand in the way of the other. it’s crucial. It’s your choice.

I hope you will make the right choice.

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