22. Only ‘Control’ + COVID-Whirlpool = DISASTER

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July 31, 2020

[see also: “The Future of the COVID Story”]


I am a medical doctor, specialized in mind-body medicine, master in cognitive science and A.I. The reason I start with this is that my expertise is absolutely pertinent, on par with, and complementary to the expertise of virologists. So, I wrote a book, made an app. Here is theory and practice, available to all, for free, financed by me. Together, it can help a tremendous lot. [see: “Free App to Relieve COVID”]

I contacted virologists, nationally and internationally, several times. They stay at home in their silo of expertise. That’s understandable, but meanwhile, the situation is dramatic worldwide and the really big disaster is yet to come. A year from now, that will be all too apparent. It’s better to come out of the ivory tower now, of course, while not getting stuck in an unscientific swamp. For every scientific-minded person, there is a responsibility in doing so. I guess that includes you. Note that as to mind-body-unity medicine, I AM a full-fledged scientific expert, arguably one of the best documented in the world. Still, the message is a difficult one to divulge.

If you want to cooperate in any way, please contact me. You can easily find enough documentation in my writings (LinkedIn posts, AURELIS blogs, books on Amazon) and developments for an informed decision. For an introduction, written in May, you can read Minding COVID: a Different Story. This blog-text is also an appendix of my book about it.

The five measures of ‘control’ as promoted also by the US-CDC:

  • wash your hands
  • social distancing (6 feet)
  • stay at home
  • wear a face mask
  • avoid touching your face

Absolutely. This, together, is one wing of the bird. No bird flies on one wing. The measures are necessary, but not enough. The reason is that nobody performs them perfectly and, without a dystopic dictatorship, too many people will perform them only to a so-so degree. Just look around. There is a lot of mishap, even in summer. Winter will be much worse.

The bird needs two wings.

The second is our own human mind. I still don’t see this being discussed in any relevant way in the management of COVID. This is: not in cause, only in consequence does mind-stuff seem to be important. While, of course, it is very much part of the COVID-whirlpool as summarized in this diagram:

One should not think ‘mind’ in a dualistic setting. Body-mind unity is, by now, totally scientific. Denying this is like denying that the earth is round. Therefore, we should take the consequence at heart, urgently at present, and more widely in medicine and beyond. For instance, ironically, what used to be scientific medicine has now become unscientific if not taking into account the ton of science that has become available about the deeper mind.


If the bird keeps dabbling on one wing, the COVID-whirlpool will act as a turbo. I’ve read many times that “this virus acts in strange, incomprehensible ways.” Indeed, but much of the strangeness is more related to us – our mind, our depth – than to the piece of RNA. I see in the management of COVID a huge lack of respect for who we are. Each one human being is immensely more interesting and important than we care to acknowledge.

The total human species seems to keep looking right through the depth of human mind, without taking notice, even in these trying times. In such case, we can foresee more COVID-deaths in the future than in the past, on top of more related disaster. Much of this can be prevented if we act right now without delay. This will be proven in a few years with the best A.I.-driven science of that day. I’ll summarize it in a postscript to my book MINDING CORONA.

This text is date-stamped and will stay so. People and organizations will forever be responsible for listening, or not listening.

As to me

Before COVID, I was busy with A.I., finishing a book The Journey Towards Compassionate A.I. This is a fascinating and worthwhile domain. It might be used – urgently – towards developing more support to us, humans, in these times of corona. Otherwise, there is a vast horizon to the ocean of A.I.

Unfortunately, Western medicine has been built on a Cartesian dualism of body and mind from which it has not yet emancipated despite all the neurocognitive science that shows the wrongness of this basic premise. This has many dire consequences concerning many health-related issues. One of them is the way we are handling the present-day calamity. It is mind-boggling that every physician can delve into this domain and see the implications for medicine. It’s still not happening, yet the tension is growing. We cannot go on like this. At least, my published writings are and will remain a sad legacy.

Anyway, don’t wait for me on the COVID trail. We can only do this together. Dear reader, you give this bird a second wing, and it will fly.

The alternative is a human-made disaster on top of the viral accident.

Take, for instance, Argentina

“There is no economy without health.” [https://www.who.int/news-room/feature-stories/detail/argentina-there-is-no-economy-without-health]

(from https://www.worldometers.info/)

Deaths are also surging now. What is happening here?

Argentina went into an early and severe lockdown. Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández argued this, saying: “You can recover from a drop in the GDP, but you can’t recover from death.” That’s the most humane thing to do, absolutely!

Bu the economy is falling through the bottom. The country is opening because there is no choice. Already in recession before the pandemic, a projected 7.3% contraction in GDP predicts 45% of the population living in poverty.

Note that it is wintertime in the southern hemisphere. Nevertheless, temperatures in Buenos Aires are like the spring in Belgium (8-18°C). Thus, there is no disproof of corona seasonality at all in this, nor in any other known fact. One can confidently predict two things:

  • From half September onwards, Argentina will fare better as to COVID (not the economy).
  • In Europe and the US, a few weeks later, the real ordeal only starts.

I can’t help it. My heart is bleeding from all this.


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